I enjoy and create a diverse collection of images I will try just about any style of photography and never wish to be placed in a specific genre; I photograph what I want to, when I have time to. My camera goes everywhere with me. I photograph what is around me wherever I go on a daily basis, I have an hour drive to work, I get side-tracked easily and often stop on the side of the road. Sometimes I get to go somewhere cool or travel (not enough). I don't however have the resources financially to buy some of the equipment to further creative skills (someday, I have a long wish list). I am self taught; never have taken a photography class or attended a work shop, though I would like to. Motivated to photograph the things around me with the entry level SLR I have and gain as much experience as possible and try new things. Rules are out the window; Art has no rules in my opinion, anything can be art and it is too subjective to be confined by meaningless rules. I enjoy different views with composition, exposure, light, processing etc. My mind is always taking mental pictures when I am unable to stop and take a picture of something as I drive or stroll by...Sometimes I become fixated on a certain subject or place, everyone has preferences based on interest I believe, plus I have a touch of the OCD :)

I appreciate kind words and favorites from other photographers and want to say thanks in advance because due to my work schedule it is sometimes difficult to keep up with replies. If I add you as a contact or follow you on any other social networking platform, I enjoy your work. If I comment or fav your images I am not stroking your ego or trying to get you to pay attention to my work, if you happen to look at my work and enjoy it, great...However, it's likely that I am inspired or amazed by your images, if I think it's awesome I add it to my favorites and sometimes comment.

I work full-time night shift as a Registered Nurse, I am married and have two children, boys 13 and 10. My family comes first, but I make time to do what I love because it makes me happy to create. I am a product of the "School of Life" and Nursing School with 10 years of experience in Forensic & Civil Psych/State Hospital, Med-Surg, Long-Term Care, Hospice and LTAC to name a few. I have seen happiness, sadness, vitality, death, peace and violence; those things have been my best teacher, next to my mom. My career has helped me form my identity and I am driven by those human connections by caring for and advocating for people I may or may not know, my patients. I have had some triumph. A lot of pain too. When you give so much of yourself to others and have a high stress job, chances are you are just like me; using photography/art/craft as a creative outlet. Photography is my therapy, it prevents or helps with nurse burnout. I have had work relationships with other nurses that do the same and find that creating something redirects the mind and puts the scattered pieces back together and you are able to think more clearly again . Once I figured out that photographing and processing images made me feel better after a stressful night or week, it became beneficial to my mental health which in turn benefits physical health. This is a journey for me, I am not in a hurry. I am nowhere near perfect. I am a true nerd and love to learn in my spare time, hopefully i'll take some cool pictures along the way.

Photography has helped me connect with the world and people in many ways and continues to allow me to grow into a better human (I still really suck at life sometimes haha). I also cannot stop the creative drive and wish to share some of what I feel is my best work here on Flickr in hopes to inspire or help someone, in some way. There is a lot I never post here, I pull from the archives frequently because I shoot nearly everyday and some images have deadlines so I tend to get behind due to my work/family schedule. I hope to learn from others willing to teach and teach those willing to learn with my free time, find beauty and share beauty. I never hide my EXIF data, that is one way I learned from other photographers and I thank everyone that takes the time to teach others this wonderful art.

I post more frequently here on Flickr but if you would like to contact me by email or would like to license or buy any of my images, a link to my email and other ways to contact me below.



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Christina VanMeter
September 2010
Fontana, CA
I am:
Female and Taken
Registered Nurse/Serious Amateur Photographer
cvphotography2011 [at] hotmail.com