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recently, I have with some difficulty & after 7 years of chasing, acquired


I am in the process of launching this .COM site to present, the BEST in Mixed Editorial & Photography presentation and education. It will take a little time but we will launch in 2016.


if you are interested in anyway, please register your interest at or simply drop me a line through Flickr or my website. Thanks you


I Just Take Pictures.....

.... & share Stories from St. Elsewhere.......


Johnny Mobasher


My "International" Flickr Group is

I believe its the BEST CURATED Street Photography Group on Flickr. It Is Certainly The Hardest Group To Get Into as the moderation and standards are extremely high. you can read the Group rules if you wish, before joining.


For those of you who have 5 minutes & MAYBE new to Street Photography, I recommend watching this short Video on Street Photography by one of the "very" men, Joel Meyerowitz here


All images are under my copyright and ALL rights reserved. For any use, do teh right thing and please contact me.


& for my own site please see opposite, site details.

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Sol Hess says:

Johnny really reveals the quirkiness of the urban stage and scenery in a way rarely seen elsewhere! I always look forward to his stream and discovering his street characters is always quite a thrill for me. Here's to "the modern-day street photgrapher", Johnny!

November 15, 2008

Johnny is a very good friend and one of the best street photographers I know. His work is an inspiration to every young photographer working in the streets of The UK.

August 27, 2007