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i think that's what's wrong with the world: No one says what they feel, they always hold it inside. They're sad, but they don't cry. They're happy, but they don't dance or sing. They're angry, but they don't scream. Because if they do, they feel ashamed. And that's the worst feeling in the world. So everyone walks with their heads down and no one sees how beautiful the sky is.

just a beginner

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    drenay dreanna says:

    "Amz. This girl right here is so... So... So...
    You can't describe her, really.
    She is so special, and sweet, and she such amazing, beautiful, fantastical ideas and her executions of them, are so amazing and impeccable. She captures really simple moments and makes them just absolutely incredible.

    I honestly couldn't have picked a better person to be doing a collaboration with. I am so glad and blessed to get to see even more of her work. And to have some of mine together with hers. Though my work really doesn't compare to hers in the least.

    Not only is her work stunning, so is she inside and out. She deals with my crazyness, and my bieber-oriented situations. I hold her hostage on BBM and I make her talk to me and basically, holding her hostage ;)

    I love this girl, she's one of my bestest Flickr friends ever and I am so glad to have met her :) :) :) :) :) :) :)"

    October 25th, 2010

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    big fat grey cat says:

    "''Amz, where to start ?
    First of all i think this girl has one of the most amazing and unique photostreams here on flickr. I love every single of her photos, and i am so happy when she posts a new one cause they always make my days. so thank you for this :]
    Than she is one of the nicest persons here. i love reading her comments and describtions.
    so keep the great work.im super glad, that i met you :]''"

    October 14th, 2010

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    Nicole:HearMeRoar(: says:


    your work is all sorts of wonderful! you take absolutely gorgeous photographs that almost bring me to the happiest kinda tears :') i love reading your comments too! like ohh my lordy, they make my days sometimes ;)) keep doing what you do and saying what you sy because it's people like you that help make flickr what it is!"

    August 30th, 2010

August 2010
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