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GEORGE W BUSH BIO (A Few Years in the Future)
The Prophet

GEORGE W. BUSH (July 6, 1946 – Present ), is the Führer (LEADER) of the interNational anti Socialist American Wreckers Party (Republicanzi Party) and of Republicanzi America from 2000 to 2007 (The End!).

In that capacity he was Chancellor of America, head of government, and head of state, an absolute DICTATOR.


A highly animated and charismatic if not inept orator, Bush is regarded as one of the most insignificant leaders in World history. The military-industrial complex he fostered pulled America out of our post-Cold War economic popularity, into earth shattering market-tumbling DEBT! His genius miss minded a policy whereby elitist rich got richer while the poor died... EVERYWHERE! In essence, Bush created a trillion dollar debt economy (anarchy) in which, over time, forced the sale of nearly all our public infrastructure (buildings, social security, parks, medicare, prisons, schools) to a handful of private concerns (friends) for a dime on the dollar. Despite this and at his imperialistic height, Dub managed to smoke out, manipulate and control the greater part of the World by aggressively applying between 200 and 900 Billion dollars worth of Guns and Amo against a dozen pipe bombs and eleven box knives. -- Pow pow.

Bush's attempt to create a Greater America (Grossmerchandisechland), specifically the annexation of Texas (Anschluss) and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, was one of the primary factors leading to the outbreak of World War III in 2005. The embrace of total war both by the Axis and Allied powers during this time led to the destruction of much of the World. Bush is almost universally held responsible for the racial policy of Republicanzi America, and the theft and displacement of 6 Trillion dollars during his leadership.

Bush often adopted elements of Christian theology in his speeches.

Two separate religious identities flourished under Republicanzism. The first was a devotion to Bush himself. In some cases this resulted in a form of Christianity known as the Ali American Democratic Bush Religious Dictatorship... who’s slogan was “We’re Number One”. The second, was the ultra nationalist American Christian Churches Movement which sought to recreate Christianity by entirely replacing Jesus with Bush, or at least make him a modern day prophet. He was to be called Busus or Jebus.

And thus, the dominant religion among the Republicanzi followers was a form of colloquial faux folk mysticism centered around a shitload of cash, an Apple Pie, a Cowboy Hat and an American built SUV (for “some” a HUMMER). This devout following emphasized the “religious” bling bling values of an idealized pure capitalism (money, greed, power) and its pervasive American "Volk" Folk Shopping “Mall” nature. Democracy and tolerance sometimes disguised as bigotry and hate was popular as well... especially in the south. These beliefs were strong and propagated in groups like the FBI, CIA, NRA, FDA, FCC, KKK, FAA, and in time, the group the Bushies simply called, Da GOV or Dub GOV.

Though he had hoped to be the founder of a thousand-year Reich, he was reported to have committed suicide on his ranch in Texas after drinking a case of beer with much of the World, and especially America, in ruins around him and the Green Peace Army closing in.

1 Childhood
2 Early adulthood
3 The Republicanzi Party
4 The road to power
5 The Republicanzi Regime
6 Repression
7 The Terrorists
8 World War III
9 Path of defeat
0 Childhood

While some Revisionist historians point out that Bush's attempt to improve the economic and political standing and conditions of his people and how he went about it was, in essence, no different than that of many other leaders in history, his legacy, as interpreted by most historians, has caused him to be one of the most reviled men in history.

In fact, a Google search (a pretty good consensus of popular world opinion) of the term: "anti bush" beat out "anti hitler" nearly ten to one.

The Search:

1. Anti Bush -

2. Anti Hitler -

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