I am a constant and avid photographer, as well as a fan of the photographs that others take. Most of the time I use a Canon EOS40D.

I appreciate useful feedback on my photos. If you think an image might look better cropped or brighter or otherwise improved, please let me know. I'm open to ideas. I may not follow your advice, but guaranteed I will appreciate it.

I am a writer by profession, semi-retired now (meaning I take only jobs that I really like), and for years I was a collector of historic images of women. You can glimpse part of my collection of antique postcards of women at my original website: Eduwrite at Cornerhost.

In the past several years I have been somewhat slowed down by illness, but I am still an avid photographer and viewer of the photos of others. I have used my downtime to learn Photoshop and have recently begun experimenting with textures and photomanipulations.

BTW, I am the mom of jessamyn and kate, aka casahighland.
Also, I am an active member of Utata and have several projects on their site. These links will bring you there, most recent first:

Utata Speaks '08

Utata Speaks Participant


I receive numerous invitations to join groups. I never join new groups that have requirements about commenting, because I can't remember them all. So if you've asked me to join your group and I didn't, that is probably the reason. Also, I delete comments that have large graphics or that blink at me incessantly; if the format of your comment bothers me, I will remove it, because I find it distracting. However, I do not delete less than flattering comments.

Photos of Muffet (6)

  • IegSUGJ by andrew jw mackenzie
  • wolf by andrew jw mackenzie
  • Happy International Women's Day! Chúc tất cả các bác, cô, chị, em, và cháu một ngày Phụ Nữ Quốc Tế thật vui! by blueskyoveraquatic
  • Mom by jessamyn
  • Mom likes her scarf by jessamyn
  • Bostata Bistro by neonlike
  • alternative chimping (2) by Lú_
  • you, me, and Gandhi by Lú_

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    Violentz says:

    "Liz is one of the most wonderful and talented photographers on Flickr! More importantly....she is a very warm person who I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend. I always appreciate her kind and thoughtful comments left on my photostream. Thanks Liz for all your support and it was so great to finally meet you in the "real" life!"

    October 8th, 2007

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    Steve took it says:

    "It is impossible not to feel Liz's love of nature when you explore her photo stream. She has a great eye and always finds the perfect perspective. And it's her words that really make the experience memorable. This is one talented flicker friend!"

    June 30th, 2007

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    jessamyn says:

    "Muffet (or as I call her, Mom) is really great at what she does. It's great to see old things in all new ways through the lens of her camera. She's the most talented photographer in our family and we're a generally pretty talented bunch. I like that she's got a good eye but combines it with a true love of nature and an appreciation of the wacky and whimsical. You can tell she loves her subjects."

    May 28th, 2007

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    Ten Directions says:

    "When viewing Muffet’s photos, I always feel close to the earth. Her poet’s eye tells the story of the seasons. Joyful photos of spring blooms, dewy grass, dandelions, and leaves are delightfully shown. Her geometry and pattern studies are unique and fun. I find her photo stream refreshing as a spring breeze. Enjoy her celebration of nature, I do."

    June 17th, 2005

liz west
September 2004
Englewood, NJ
Boxborough, MA, USA
I am:
muffet1 [at] gmail.com