Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome back, this being my second time around.... my love for vintage fashion (1950's-1960's and some 70s) and everything related, still remains just this side of obsessive. ...I hope that it will be just as much fun and informative for you to view as it is for me to post....

I do ask you to please look at the photo (and view in large if possible), as I usually have some extra information in the description....also I like to add similar images in the comment section...and last but not least, I have all my images organized in sets, and the sets are part of the collections...they are all in alphabetical order, so it is easy to find what you are looking for.

I'm indebted to a lot of wonderful friends who have been supportive of my efforts in posting these images.

I would like to share with you links to their sites, which have become a daily must for me, and I'm sure will be for you as well.

Enjoy !

For ANY and ALL vintage fashion....Jessica's sites are the ULTIMATE ! There's nothing else to say, except check her'll be happy you did. Enjoy !

Fabulous new and improved Website



Vintage Advertisements @

For ANYTHING devoted to friend Adrian has all her best photos, most of which he has lovingly restored for us to enjoy :

For ALL the Vogue issues (both US and UK) (and now Italian and French Vogue as well) from 1965 to 1975 my good friend Freya Erickson has the most FABULOUS blog. It's called Youthquakers.
Her incredibly hard work in scanning all those images is truly amazing, the end result being, a both fun and inspiring blog.
Most of the Vogue images that I've posted have come from her blog, with her permission of course, and for which I am truly indebted.
For a visual journey through fashion-wonderland, I encourage you to look her up:

For the most comprehensive set of fashion related images, an encyclopedic accumulation of fashion images go to my dear friend Christine's site (she has over 27,000 images and counting)....

And another site(s) for your vintage enjoyment is Uma Grace's About Vintage Icons. Classic iconic dresses, e.g. Marilyn's white "Seven Year Itch" dress, Audrey's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" dress are just two examples. This takes talent, hard work and an incredible eye for detail, all of which are in evidence in these re-creations.

Here are her links:
Our Facebook Page:
Our Twitter Page:
Our Blog:

Here is another blog that is a "Must See", it belongs to my dear friend Eduardo who is indispensable to me with his wealth of knowledge on fashion and his "muse and icon" Audrey Hepburn.

Another wonderful blog that I visit every day belongs to fellow Dutchman, Mariette. It is for all vintage fashion magazine lovers and it is called Magdorable.

For a fabulous blog on photography and fashion visit

Disclaimer: All photos unless otherwise indicated are not taken or owned by me. They are used solely for the purpose of discussion, comment and as a visual aid to convey the beauty of the object to you, the viewer. These images are not intended for any commercial purpose.

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    (: Thanks!! ~ emma xo says:

    "For some time now I've been contemplating words I might write to express my admiration and appreciation for a such wonderful and lovely lady named Sophia, skover1.

    We all enjoy flickr as it provides a place to share the beauties we capture from each of our own slices of life. Here, we have a remarkable place, one where I try to spend a few minutes each day, seeing, feeling, and coming to cherish the spectacular talents of so very many. How I love this place!

    Occasionally, each of us finds something remarkable and truly exceptional here. A gallery, or a place, or a picture that moves and touches us, and in this case even allows us to learn something particularly fabulous! Sophia's passion for fashion and classic beauty has inspired me and taught me so very much! Spending time with her sets or with her current postings, one can discover breathtaking and exquisite treasures from times much different than the present. Times, some feel were much better, times that have become enduring and marvelously special. Take a look for yourself. I'm quite certain, if you have an eye for abiding beauty you will agree with me.

    I can't express enough gratitude, enough thanks to and for dear Sophia!! Getting to know her, feeling of her warmth, she herself is perhaps my most favorite model ever! How thankful I am for all she shares, especially in giving and allowing us to see some of her most beautiful self. She teaches and provides a magnificent place, even a library of the most charming and captivating photos ever taken. The information she tirelessly researches and provides is priceless and helps us see the wondrous glamor of a time that is absolutely and completely enchanting.

    While I've never met Sophia, I cannot help but love her! Affecting my life for good with every helpful and thoughtful comment, encouraging me, and always teaching me, I personally feel there is not enough praise that can be said about this wonderful lady!

    Thank you for making such a grand and distinctive contribution! Especially for making such a delightful difference to me personally. xoxo


    8th August, 2013

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    vivagirlco says:

    "When I first discovered "Skorver" I was amazed by her collection of beautiful vintage fashion photographs ...

    Then, I realized not only did Sophia share these fabulous photos ... she shared her incredible & endless knowledge on the fashion, illustrators and photographers! (I especially enjoy her info on photographers!)

    Sophia's dedication to sharing her vast and wonderful collection of photographs is a true gift to all of her contacts.

    Always one of my favorite flickr photostreams to visit on a daily basis!

    Thank you Sophia! ... for giving us a daily (... uh-oh ... no pressure!) fashion fix!"

    28th February, 2012

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    hihi.yy says:

    "THANK YOU for assembling these. your flickr pages are just wonderful...i could look at it for days! :-)"

    22nd January, 2012

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    Fashion Covers Magazines (First) says:

    "This “Flickr” of Sophia is much more than the simple publication of photos of Fashion ... It is the true inspiration for people who admire the true classical spirit of Fashion !

    Here we have gathered the great names of Fashion Photography: Rizzo, Clarke, Horst, Penn, Avedon, Beaton and others ...

    The legendary and visionary “Fashions Designers” who have devoted much more than his name ... Devoted the most beautiful creations ... clothes that become immortalized dreams ... dreams immortalized by them: Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, YSL, Halston, Valentino, Dèsses, Patou, Fath, Lanvin, Galitzine, Fabiani, Sherrer, Mainbocher,Worth and others ...

    And fashion icons ... like my beloved Audrey Hepburn whose which taught women all over the world that the Simplicity is the TRUE Beauty...and that a Dress can be worn for many years!

    Sophia shows with these photos ... that the TRUE Fashion Classic never dies ... Fashion just reinvents itself ... and with that we have these beautiful pictures for inspiration !

    Every day Dear Friend you give us these wonderful gifts ... these beautiful images. These images that inspire us!
    These images which will return us to a beautiful past where fashion was much more than Glamour, fashion was the TRUE meaning of Love, Life ... Happiness.

    I just have to THANK you Sophia for sharing with us ... people who REALLY Love the Fashion...these Wonderful photos and and your knowledge about the Fashion History!THANKS^^"

    22nd August, 2011

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    Philou Philou says:

    "Entrez ici, sur le site dévolu à la mode ! Mais attention : un site où le respect de l'oeuvre est total : hommage est rendu au couturier, bien entendu ; mais également au photographe, au modèle et au décor.
    Toute une époque qui défile devant vous : " sit down & enjoy ! ""

    14th August, 2011

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