A member of humanity who is fortunate enough to reside in a coastal village on the Lower South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

I have a deep, abiding love and respect for nature and the environment. This passion has always shaped my being far more than materialistic and economic priorities. My enthusiasm, curiosity and thirst for knowledge on matters environmental has often directed me along my educational and vocational path, and currently sees me undertaking a course in Conservation and Land Management as well as co-ordinating a local Coastcare group.

Whilst I care deeply for our natural world, I like to think myself as being somewhat pragmatic, and rather than adopting the handle of "Greenie", I view myself more as a "Brownie"; that is to say, a Greenie with soil on his hands who understands that whilst caring for our environment is of the utmost importance, other social and economic concerns mean that occasionally comprises need to be found.

Human existence will inevitably leave footprints on the Earth, the secret is to tread softly enough that our passing isn't recorded permanently, and that our tracks are covered.

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July 2010
I am:
Student (Conservation and Land Management - Natural Area Restoration) and Coastcare volunteer
Hanky Coastcare
hankyhelper [at] yahoo.com.au