Born in London,Clive Peters is a retired businessman. Married, with a grown-up family, his hobbies include writing, sailing and travel.

Previous publishing successes include non-fiction articles in business and hobby related magazines in the UK. An article on exporting published in the Financial Times – the leading UK financial newspaper – resulted in an invitation to 10 Downing Street to advise on fiscal policy. Author of non-fiction book entitled 'The Job Finding Kit', achieved 1/3rd page coverage in Literature section of the Daily Mail – a UK national newspaper. He has had other non-fiction articles published in consumer periodicals.

In common with many men, he suffered the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED), and not being entirely satisfied with the suggestion by his medical practitioner that he could take a drug to effect a cure, he began researching the subject through other professional medical contacts, and further a field using the Internet, seeking a cure. This approach lead to the discovery of penile enlargement programs that claimed to not only increase the size of a man’s penis but help rectify ED, too. Keeping notes whilst trying out suggested routines and corresponding with other like-minded men for more than 5 years, didn’t just produce a solution to his ED: it resulted in a definitive book on the subject of Penis Enlargement.

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