I’m a bit off... I’m odd, sarcastic as hell, and I’m ok as long as you don’t piss me off.

Alright, if you don’t have pictures... Don’t add me as a friend, and I wont care to add you because you have nothing to contribute to me. I don’t want to see you naked, if I want to see nudity, I'll watch porn... Some pictures I will look at if your naked ONLY if main parts are hidden and it has artistic attributes and not blatant nudity for the hell of it. Don’t steal my pictures. Don’t post my pictures on your site without my permission. I’m not looking for a date on here so don’t even try, also I will not cyber, talk dirty (other then off color jokes). Also, nothing pisses me off more then if you only look at the pictures of me and don’t bother with the ones that I think are actually pretty because all your doing on flickr then is looking for a bit of ass, and if you want that, there’s tons of porn online for ya. I wont post nudes so don’t ask, what I do post may get close to it, but you wont see tits ass or a beaver so get over it.

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    Rippie: Contra Censura! says:

    "i've gotten to know beccs, as she lets me call her, for quite a while now, nearly since the moment she got on flickr.

    beccs is everything you expect from her thingiestream, and nothing like it, too... she's real, flesh and blood folks, dimensional and much more than meets the eye, pleasant as that experience is...

    and beccs is someone i look forward to seeing and talking with any time... taking cool pics helps, too!

    i call her my friend in more than the usual flickr "friend" sense. beccs is good peeps."

    April 29th, 2008

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    KevP says:

    "Becca has a great eye for the unusual shot, and looks at life at a different angle, theres much to be applauded."

    May 9th, 2006

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    Puspa Yanti says:

    "you definately have thee eye for amazing pics"

    April 9th, 2006

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