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The acronym NOAA stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency residing in the United States Department of Commerce.


NOAA is responsible for studying natural phenomena extending from the surface of the sun to the bottom of the sea. Also, NOAA protects the living marine resources of our seas and helps assure the building of sustainable marine fisheries.


This website captures a selection of images from the 47,000 public domain images residing in the NOAA Photo Library. Most of the images were taken by NOAA employees or public-spirited citizens who share the vision of NOAA to help build a safer, sustainable future for generations to come.


However, many images were obtained by NOAA satellite systems, remotely operated vehicles, or derived from NOAA datasets. The images capture the power of hurricanes and tornadoes, the beauty of coral reefs, and the wonderful diversity of life in the oceans. They also show NOAA people at work from Arctic to Antarctic, throughout the world’s oceans, on most continents, and in many nations. Shipboard operations on many NOAA vessels are shown as well as operations on NOAA aircraft.


It is hoped you will enjoy your visit to this site. If you are interested in viewing additional photographs of NOAA and its world, visit the NOAA Photo Library at www.photolib.noaa.gov .

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