www.polydromo.gr (Πολύδρομο, Polydromo, Polidromos, Полидром, بوليدرومو)

“Polydromo” is an inter-university special interest group dealing with issues of language contact and bilingualism, that is also composed of parents and other persons who are interested in the wider dimensions of bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society. It is a non-profit organization that aims at informing teachers and parents on related topics through the periodical publication “Polydromo”, as well as through our web page, but also through other activities, such as: the provision of information to schools and other institutions; lessons to immigrant children on a voluntary basis; and the projection of various cultural-linguistic groups

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Polydromo Group Bilingualism & Multiculturalism
June 2010
POLYDROMO, Group for bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society