“You've got to deal with how photographs look, what's there, not how they're made."
- Garry Winogrand

Considered a pioneer in the movement of mobile photography, Greg Schmigel captures quick, candid glimpses of everyday moments in his photographs – the lives of the people and strangers that he encounters on the street and in public places.

Schmigel believes that 90% of the art of photography is about what the photographer sees with his or her own eyes. The choice of camera that he or she uses makes up for the rest. All of Schmigel's photographs are created with a simple handheld mobile device – the iPhone.

Schmigel insists that he is not an iPhoneographer, rather a street photographer who happens to use an iPhone as his primary camera of choice.

Schmigel's photographs draw inspiration from his surroundings and the people he encounters on the streets. He is personally inspired and influenced by classic, historical street photographers who shaped the way we approach street photographs today – namely the works of the late Garry Winogrand.

Schmigel's work has been exhibited since 2010 with stops in Rome, Berlin, Madrid, New York City, Philadelphia, Panama City, Baltimore and Washington, DC. His work was also featured in a two-year-long, 13-city, traveling exhibit through Spain along with that of with seven other mobile photographers.

In 2011, Schmigel proudly founded and launched Mobile Photo Group, an international collective, with 11 other mobile photographers from around the world. Although short-lived (2011-2013), Mobile Photo Group stood as the initial catalyst which influenced the birth of other collectives of the same genre -- mobile photography.

"We're All Strangers" -- a social project consisting of stranger portraits -- was launched by the artist in 2012 and continues through today. The project, a combination of photography and social interaction, has allowed Schmigel to step out from behind the candid mode of shooting and capture intimate portraits of some of the strangers he encounters on the street or in public places.

Stocksy.comIn 2013, Schmigel was proudly selected as a mobile photographer by the all-new Stock photography agency, Stocksy.com. Now a member/owner of the company itself, Schmigel's work can be licensed through the agency.

Since the launch of Just What I See, Schmigel has been invited by iPhone creator, Apple, to speak at various retail locations in New York City on several topics of mobile photography. Past appearances include: Apple 5th Avenue (2011), Apple Upper West Side (2012) and Apple Grand Central Station (2013).

Greg Schmigel was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1969, but has spent the majority of his life in and around the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area.

All of the artist's photographs are dedicated to his wife, Suzy.

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