This 'About' mallarky reminds me of the opening line of 'Catcher in the Rye'. In other words what do you need to know? Probably just this:


I set up these pages as a way of ordering and yes, also sharing, the railway pictures I've taken since purchasing a digitial SLR in 2009. I now live on the Hants/Dorset border, so the focus (geddit) is predominately on main line steam on the Bournemouth line, the Mid-Hants Railway and the Swanage Railway. Increasingly modern transport snaps have also made it to on here too and, although modern buses are not my main interest, I seem to progressively snap these more and more. Perhaps ease of opportunity outweighs interest. With a daughter living in Guildford and a son who was at Uni in Bristol (at UWE), transport in those two cities also features. More and more I seem to upload scenery snaps etc, but by and large I'll spare you the family snaps. I have, however, found Flickr useful for keeping a garden diary, albeit primarily for my own reference purposes.


In addition I'm slowly getting get around to scaning the colour prints I took in the 80s and the slides from the 90s on to here too. Up until 1998 I lived in South London/Croydon so with the older snaps the emphasis is on the K&ESR (where I did some volunteering in C&W) and the Bluebell. The contemporary transport snaps from that period mainly reflect living near London and that my parents then lived in East Sussex, although work allowed some limited travel at that time. Uploading these scans can be a bit random, making my photostream a bit higgledy-piggledy, but hopefully as albums complete they provide some order.


Realistically there is the family, a garden, a house and other interests to consider, so don't expect to find on here a record of every tiff and turn on my patch.


I know I'm now meant to say that if you copy any of my pictures that I have special skills and I will find you, I will block you, I will reap a terrible revenge … but in reality I don't give a tinkers. I doubt anyone wants to use any of my efforts, which are at best 'record shots' , but if you do, I'm really not fussed, hence why I upload my snaps as 'Public Domain'. I guess if you do copy something a comment saying so would be nice though.


With the digital snaps, other than some basic cropping or conversion to black and white, I'm not much into manipulation, so what you see is pretty much straight off the camera. Sadly the scans of my prints and slides do seem to need manipulation, and I used to use Aviary for this and now use Movavi following Aviary's demise..


Finally, those of us who just press shutters owe a debt to those that roll up their sleeves at our heritage railways. I'm retired now and although I always thought that would see me return to railway volunteering, but when push came to shove the distance (and the cost of the Sandbanks ferry) has put me off and I've ended up volunteering on local conservation sites instead. However, I'm more than happy to record here my gratitude to the volunteers on our preserved lines.



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