Just because I'm in my early 50s, doesn't mean I'm a prude. Believe me, at my age you don't give a rat's ass about being nude in front of people.
That's WHY I have this Flickr account...but sadly, I've had to give up on the nudist group I created. (The other group I started is about baseball...and if you're interested, you can join THAT group as well...but let's stick with nudity, shall we?)
Wanting to find that "certain someone" is nice...but truth is I'm in this for fucking, plain and simple. (Not to mention pussy...LMAO) NO pretense, period. If you're offended by this, tough shit. You're offended. I can't do a damned thing about THAT!! (Oh, and as you'll see from the pics I fave...nude women ARE a turn-on!! Personally, I'd rather date a nudist; it saves on the pretense and all...LMFAO)
Oh, I also have a camera--which means I'm willing to take pics of you as well as pose for someone else. (Provided, however, you can make it here to where I live in VA. No car; that's why.)
So if you're CLOSE to my age group, this is for you.
And there you have it, in a nutshell.
But, I add THIS warning: the nude pics SHOULD be private (and only F&F can see them...lol). They are there for the FEMALE persuasion to see/favorite. Guys who do this, get blocked. I'm NOT homo, nor do I have a desire to be.
Now about the OTHER group--ANY sports fan in the D.C. area is welcome to join. (OR, I'll invite you...lol)

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May 2010
Stanley, VA
Luray, VA, USA
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Male and Single
Actually, it's a blog. American Nudity