i am a farm-life inspired, gardening, simple living mama to two boys who learn at home. our journey through life, how we live and learn, how we steward our land and our earth, are some of the areas that capture my focus.


life is wildly full, and sometimes i don't have the time i would like to connect with all of the folks who i meet here, and as a result i am shifting many images to friends and family, to better keep up the rapport that is so very valuable to me here. if you are inspired, please say hi, as i do enjoy meeting new pockets of kindred. :)


i will block you if you take my photos without permission, if you have nothing in your stream for me to view, or if you favourite my photos in amongst other content i deem inappropriate to be associated with. i also prefer rapport, please say hi! if you arrive to fave images only, i may not tolerate it. :)


if you want to use my photos, please seek permission to do so. this includes using for pinterest, tumblr, blogs and other places.

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Photos of a wild and precious life ~ erin


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