I dress in the dark and eat only whole grain bread. I carry a cell phone where ever I go, but I keep it turned off to save the battery.

Self imposed discipline: For every new photo posted there must be a "Found" photo and a "Recycle" photo. Slows things down a bit.

Well after two years of that, I see it is beginning to break down. Oh well.

So now I have had to discontinue the Recycle portion of the stream. It was causing too much turmoil in the blogs where some of the pictures are being used. When I move them to the top of the Flickr stack, they disappear where they have been used on a blog.

The “Found Photographs” are now collected in a blog site called “LOST GALLERY”. It features photographs from this stream and some other fine collectors of abandoned photographs. The photographs are categorized by subject for quick reference to individual pages that often feature multiple slide shows so you can rapidly review hundreds of photographs. If you have a moment, give me some tips on how the site works on your screen, the layout and colors, etc.

03/17/2012 update. Okay that did it. Just so you’ll know how I feel, adding one of my photographs to your collection of 148 thousand “favorites” is not a compliment. If you need an explanation of that, you are just not thinking.

Likewise, if you make me one of your "treasured" 800 or 900 contacts it is just no honor. You simply cannot review several hundred new postings regularly. So I must assume: You Don't.

This is not Facebook.

Update 20141003: I have decided to discontinue commenting on any photograph that has a bunch of those "award" icons in the comment section. It's just a bunch of clutter.

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    del's1 says:

    "An extraordinary talent,,not just as a photographer, but, as an observer,he sees what we should all see but don't. His sense of humour transgresses sex,colour and religion, he is truly a human microscope...( did that make sense),,,DEL"

    June 24th, 2008

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    meagain625 says:

    "Anyjazz65 is a master at looking at the details of old photographs, then pointing out what he sees. He has surprised me once or twice on my own photos, noticing things I should have seen, but didnt' until he mentioned it.
    He takes a photograph and weaves a tale into it in such a humorous way that you find yourself caught up in the game, adding to it. Along the same line, he can take a photo and remind you of why it is important to remember the history we all share, and the questions we should be asking while there is still a chance to get some answers from someone who knows.
    A master, in my eyes, of the antique photograph. A friend, too :)"

    May 30th, 2007

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