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best of 2008

1. matryoshka, 2. gogreen, 3. lostintheshadows, 4. square, 5. greenstairs, 6. 151, 7. yellowbags, 8. stockholmsyndrome, 9. yellowfingers, 10. untitled, 11. ogled, 12. escapist, 13. breakout, 14. jigsaw, 15. community, 16. 15, 17. mejiro, 18. 210, 19. 7, 20. zebra, 21. greenmop, 22. <- <-, 23. advertised, 24. candiedsquare, 25. no 36

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abstract square

city pulse


Fred Herzog

Adolph Gottlieb

Sean Scully

Franz Kline

Barnett Newman

Mark Tobey

Agnes Martin

Pat Steir

Lester Hayes

Teru Kuwayama

Robert Motherwell


Joachim Ladefoged

James Nachtwey

Ueda Shoji

Moriyama Daido

Kenji Toma

Araki Nobuyoshi

Clyfford Still

Mark Rothko

Hosoe Eikoh

Shelby Lee Adams

Robert Motherwell

Aoyama Junichiro

Oshima Toshihiro

Watanabe Hiroshi

family and friends:

Barry Coombs (Toronto visual artist and my very own personal sibling)

Alexandra Huddleston (a distant cousin and an incredibly talented American photographer)

Alex Croal and Laura Madera (Vancouver-based artists: friendship and inspiration)

from my own inspiration:


Lost Japan

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Testimonials (4)

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    thomas.michael. says:

    "Love your work. You have the eye to see what most overlook. Bravo!"

    November 7th, 2013

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    victor_nuno says:

    "The amazing simplicity in his photography is for me like returning to my roots. I'm not any expert, but I guess Zen tries to do something like that, to take simplicity and to find an inner growth from there.

    Maybe, or at least it's how I see it, Nolando's photography is a new form of expressing this, this growth, with simplicity as the starting point."

    June 10th, 2007

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    Meanest Indian says:

    "Nolando not only knows what time it is... he can show you in a number of breath-taking ways!"

    January 13th, 2007

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    drp says:

    "Wonderful color. Beautiful details. Interesting moods. Truly intriguing photography from a talented artist. Keep it up, nolando."

    December 26th, 2006

Nolan Webb
December 2005
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Vancouver, Canada
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