The vast majority of photos on this account are by Tom Hagerty.


Prior to 2014, all photos herein were featured on Lakeland Local, a news and information site covering the Lakeland, Fla., metro area. Chuck Welch was the Editor/Publisher.


Photos prior to 2014 use a Creative Commons copyright. Photos after December 31, 2013 may have a different copyright.


For questions about photo use please contact Tom Hagerty at . For more about Tom Hagerty Photography please visit


If the pre-2014 photo doesn't include a photographer's name, it should be credited to:


Tom Hagerty for


If you're not sure, leave a comment, we'll help you out.

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I met Lakelandlocal today at Tigertown and look forward to his blog and sharing some games with him in the Spring. Roger

November 12, 2006