I am a professional freelance photographer, and will do nearly any kind of photography. I am willing to do some events pro bono. I have hundreds of thousands of images in my collection, less than 2% are on Flickr. Even some Flickr sets only show a small percentage of the images from a particular event.


I'll shoot nearly any thing no matter which side of the social or political spectrum it's on. I'll cover a pro-life rally with the same enthusiasm as a pro-choice rally. I've covered Tea Parties, and the One Nation working together rally. The pictures ARE the story, and I won't tell you what to think. Draw your own conclusions. Think for yourself, always.


For any photos which could be used for any news story, I abide by the AP electronic photography ethics policy, mainly:


"The content of a photograph will NEVER be changed or manipulated in any way.


Only the established norms of standard photo printing methods such as burning, dodging, toning and cropping are acceptable. Retouching is limited to removal of normal scratches and dust spots."


This does NOT apply to my wedding shots, party shots, etc. This is only for photos that could be news items, and the like. Ask me if you want to know about a particualar photo, or set of photos. If I EVER edit a photojournalistic photo beyond this, it will be plainly stated in the description, but I can't recall ever feeling the need to edit one.


My multiplicity shots are obvious examples of photos that have been manipulated. I will NOT do this at rallies, conferences, political events, etc... Again, ask if you want to make sure.


I usually don't get paid to cover any of the news events here. When I am paid to cover an event, I almost always am contractually prohibited from making those photo available online.


What you see here I do on my own, and don't get paid a dime. If you wish to support these efforts, please contact me and I will give you my email address or mailing address. Cameras and equipment are NOT cheap, and neither is gas, so any support is GREATLY appreciated.


If you use my work, PLEASE help support my continued effots. I promise you good Karma will follow!


I'm currently shooting with a pair of Canon EOS 1DX bodies, seven different L series lenses, all current models, and an EOS 7D modified for infrared only. Various flashes, strobes, triggers, etc.

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