I love to capture moments of reality in a little picture, to catch a beautiful bubbles of time. It is amazing that so many feelings, emotions and beauty can be packed just in a single photography.

I am in the continuous process of learning - how to live, how to love, how to study, how to make a photo. I do hope it's the whole life' process, neverending one.

I am in love with Flickr, it's simple amazing place. People who post their photos are wonderful, creative and friendly. I've found many great friends here and I am happy they call me friend too :-).

All my photos belong to me and are copyrighted. Do not use them without my permission.

I am very grateful for all the invitations to the groups - forgive me if I don't join them. I don't have enough time to post photos to the groups I already belong.

Thank YOU for adding me to your contact list. I am very happy and proud that YOU've chosen my photos. Forgive me if I don't add YOU to my contact list. I love to visit and comment my friends photos and it's impossible to comment on too many.
I always visit and adore all YOUR photos.

Stars and People are made of the same stuff
-Bill Nye the Science Guy

You become things, you become an atmosphere, and if you become it, which means you incorporate it within you, you can also give it back. You can put this feeling into a picture. A painter can do it. And a musician can do it and I think a photographer can do that too and that I would call the dreaming with open eyes.
-Ernst Haas

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  • For one girl ;) by bachullus ♥ ©
  • Christmas Flamingos for everyone. Just pick one!   º<:o) by Jose Sousa

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    Daniel Hernanz Ramos says:

    "Gosia captured birds very very well. she amaze me!. excellent job"

    April 3rd, 2007

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    Marco Brown-Maltese Artist says:

    "Discovering Gosia's work is like entering a world where we all dream of living....one of peace,calm,beauty and serenity where the natural,simple delights of mother nature prevail.Like a ray of golden sunshine she knows how to shed her magical soothing vibes across the globe like no other here on flickr and I bless the day that our paths crossed as I never know what to expect when I.come to visit her at her exquisite photostream.What is sure is that every time I leave it with a smile on my face and a glow inside!Thanks ever so much Gosia for being as you are and sharing your wonderful talent and generosity of spirit with us....!"

    March 12th, 2007

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    Stox - Ideas Playground says:

    "Gosiak is one of my favorite photographer of Flickr... These captures are always made with a lot of delicacy and are alway awesome and gorgeous !

    Thanks Gosiak for sharing the wonderland corner of your life !"

    March 4th, 2007

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    DCCXLIX says:

    "Clicking away on Flickr is just an addiction to me, I can't wait to see what my contacts have come up with next...And then there is the art of Gosiak!!! On my Lord, with every capture she makes I realized how beautiful our world truly is. Thank you for let us view the same beauty as you do on your magical garden.

    March 1st, 2007

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    MiaRossy says:

    "Gosia is a talented Flickr fairy, she loves people, animals and nature, every photo is a glimpse of her magic world.

    February 25th, 2007

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    Patflinschrod says:

    "I first discovered Gosia's work by seeing a photo of her precious Francesco. She has an uncanny ability of caturing the essence of whatever it is she is photographing, and that is something that we all strive for, but few of us actually succeed.

    Gosia has a terrific sense of humor which comes through in her fabulous bird photos. The titles are always spot on! She is very supportive and I feel privileged to count her among my friends. She is genuine, and that is not easily found in our society today."

    July 27th, 2006

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    icy fang says:

    "Gosia, who I have just "met" in Flickr, is such a lovely, warm character. She takes great photos and I'm privileged to be counted as a friend."

    June 24th, 2006

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    Dave - aka Emptybelly says:

    "Gosia is a very talented lady!! She is generous in giving great comments and faves, and her photos always have a quality about them... I am proud to know her in some small way throught Flickr...


    June 4th, 2006

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    ╰⊰⊹✿Jules✿⊹⊱╮ says:

    "Gosia is 'One' very Talented, Inspiring, Uplifting and Beautiful soul's, i have come across on flickr!
    Her genuine smiles and zest for life, shines through in all of her photos!
    I wish you so much happiness, love and success in your life :) xx"

    June 3rd, 2006

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    ahead gold says:

    "Gosia is a fantastic and talented photographer of life. She captures each moment with simplicity and her photography is delicious to the eye. Her spirit is apparent in each click of the shutter........ I really admire her zeal for her family and the tribute to her loved ones, very special and thanks for sharing those. I am glad you were set in my my flickr path. Gosia you are a true blessing to the world and flickr and I pray many blessings on you and your family.

    ps: I love you Francesco you are my favorite bird of all time.

    Your friend in Texas- Jonathan"

    May 30th, 2006

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    Eavesdropper says:

    "Gosia takes beautiful pictures; I am very fond of her animal portraiture, especially the photos featuring Francesco, her canary.
    There are many wonderful photographers on Flickr, but what I greatly appreciate about Gosia is her sense of humor, obvious in so many of the photos she's posted, and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She plainly loves photography, has a great eye, and has fun with it."

    May 17th, 2006

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    Laurie York says:

    "Finding Gosia's photos on Flickr has been like discovering a goldmine of buried treasure! Gosia has an amazing eye, but so much more than just an eye. Into each photo she pours her soul and story and a rich experience prevails. Gosia is also an extremely careful viewer and has given me welcomed insights to my own photos. Gosia's photography is gift to us all - a gift I cherish deeply."

    May 11th, 2006

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    BlackLove says:

    "Gosiak is the best of all. I've always loved her photos, and not only photos. She is a sweet friend - a little bit crazy, but who cares :) She is very talented and beautiful. Tu es trés jolie, mon amie! :)
    I think, that she is the best birdie (and not only birdie) photographer I know; No - that the whole world knows! :)
    love you! KC"

    April 12th, 2006

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    Doxieone says:

    "The beauty that can be seen in FlickR is seen in photos by Gosiak.

    She is an innovative photographer and a quick wit with her notations to the photos she posts.

    She has been, and will be, an inspiration for my photography efforts on FlickR.

    And Francesco is, as far as I am concerned, the official Bird Mascot of FlickR.


    April 9th, 2006

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    tinalouise says:

    "Gosia takes beautiful photos and writes perfect titles for them.

    I first noticed her when I saw a picture of Francesco, her canary, in front of the computer screen looking at Flickr pictures and asked her to add it to the Flickrwithinaflickr group I created.

    Now I visit her photos as often as I can because I know there will always be new, beautiful photos and sweet Franek pictures.

    She is my most favorited photographer on flickr! I think I have 15 or more of her photos in my favorites :)

    Thanks Gosia!"

    April 7th, 2006

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