I am an 'early-retired' teacher, and for the last ten years I have been an author & publisher, specializing in colour guide-books about church architecture in Norfolk, U.K.
I am an experienced photographer, and take all my own photographs for the books. Until 2001, I was using an old Zenith S.L.R. film camera with Zeiss Ikon lenses, but since 2002 I have been entirely digital, progressing from HP-618 ( a beautiful Pentax clone ) through Minolta 404 ~ to Canon-G6, and HP-935.

My six+ years on Flickr. have proved to be a life-changing experience for me . . . creating the most amazing friendships all over the World . . . and sending me on wonderful holidays ~ in search of my Flickr-friends ~ to places like TAIWAN, and recently ~ the PHILIPPINE-ISLANDS ~ and I have left my heart there !!
I have just bought a Bungalow in the beautiful province of Cavite, a few miles south-west of the capital, Manila . . .
And I am now preparing to retire there in a couple of years !

From Cavite, I am hoping to fly to Vietnam, to meet another group of new Flickr-Friends ~ who are proving to be a real joy !

The Beautiful people of the Philippines have made me realize, quite suddenly, JUST HOW LITTLE 'stuff' ~ in material terms ~ we actually NEED, in order to find the things that MATTER . . . Love, Warmth, Friendship and Compassion !!

I am happy to chat with other members, and to encourage beginners, of all ages. I have uploaded a selection of my pictures from time to time, and I have already gathered together a number of SETS for my favourite topics . . . to help you navigate through my many images.

Feel free to comment, Flickr.mail, ~ or e-mail me anytime to geoff@blackfivepublications.co.uk.
I have a fairly relaxed attitude to 'intellectual property and copyright', and I am usually prepared to allow other members to incorporate my images in their work, provided they give appropriate attribution..... "Photo. by kind permission of Geoff.H. Robinson" is all that it takes !
But PLEASE, do not use my work COMMERCIALLY !!

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    pixie pic says:

    "Glad to know u too!

    Don't worry, I was not involved in the crash, just an assignment from my class to snap e'thing about police, so I got this shot right in from of the police station!

    I'm also using Zenit, but not so often as it's really heavy! LOL Luckily, the film processing here is still very very cheap - only 2GBP for 135 negative film or 3GBP for positive one.

    So, I'm still the old-fashioned gal, carrying film camera everywhere, while others got the latest models of dSLR.

    Anyway, keep in touch!"

    June 9th, 2008

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    dkhlucy says:

    "Geoff has become one of my greatest photographic and personal friends. He was introduced by me to flick and has embraced this community of fellow photographers with kindness, teaching and encouragement to many on here. Geoff sees the beauty in life where ever he goes, and this is captured in his many and varied photostream of vision, colour and unique beauty of expression. Geoff's main specialism is his vast knowledge of church architecture and stained glass, which is a joy to see displayed. A person of immense knowledge and talent. Thanks Geoff for being simply you."

    January 16th, 2008

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    forbidden.snowflake says:

    "Geoff is not just an awesome photographer (i dare to say, one of the best i know), but a great person as well. More than a flickrer for me, he's a friend.
    This man's work is that good that though his art we can get not just to see, but feel the images, that become full of life. His artwork is deeply recommendable, and I'm pretty sure his pictures will dazzle your senses just as they dazzle mine."

    August 22nd, 2007

Geoff Robinson
February 2007
Syderstone ~ Old Wesleyan Chapel
Syderstone, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE31 8SD, U.K. (Also Cavite, Philippines, from Nov. to Feb.)
I am:
Male and Single
author & publisher ~ & organist.