I like to take nature photography, mostly bugs and mushrooms or members of what is sometimes referred to as "the other 95%".

If we say everyone has a natural focal length, i'd be firmly in the "closer than arms length" club.

I like detail, texture and the unusual. Nothing is better than capturing a portrait of a species I've never seen before or a chance reunion of one I never quite caught a flattering shot of.

I'm now living in Wellington, New Zealand again, pretty much permanently, so most of my photos will again be local. I'm hoping to develop better photography skills with a Pentax K10D I bought in 2008. Still, most of the time I take pictures of what ever device I have at hand, lately this is the iPhone 3gs and I'm back with the e4500 coolpix - secondhand gem.
I'm still using uncontrolled lighting, mostly I'm using the ambient light and try to shoot between heartbeats. While I have more professional equipment, I still have to gain the inclination to carry it around. What's is the point of a $500 tripod if its in the cupboard? I like having a point and shoot that I don't mind if it gets damaged, i like to take it into precarious positions and camera unfriendly locations.

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    hesedetang * says:

    "Shannan takes the most interesting shots of nature and fungi :) His love of nature shines through many of his photographs. Beautifully taken and usually accompanied with interesting and informative commentary on his part, his photos are an educational experience in themselves.

    I'm very glad to have found him and his photographs on Flickr and I certainly am looking forward to seeing more of his works :D"

    August 23rd, 2006

March 2006
Wellington, New Zealand
I am:
Capability Development