Ich begann 1970 zu fotografieren. 1972 bis 1974 war ich freiberuflicher Tageszeitungsfotograf, danach bis 2010 Tageszeitungsredakteur.
Meine Fotoausrüstung in den 70er Jahren: Nikon F und Nikkormat.
Ca. 2010 habe ich begonnen, meine alten SW-Negative (hauptsächlich Kodak Tri-X) mit einem Filmscanner (erst Minolta, dann Reflecta) einzuscannen und zu digitalisieren.
Zu Nachbearbeitung setze ich nur Tonwert- und Gradationsabgleich ein und flecke, soweit nötig, die Fotos aus.

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    internal change says:

    " Mr. Klaffs,

    I just so happened to be observing your photographs, and I must say you are now definitely, and doubtless one of the greatest photographers I have ever come across. Your photographs are absolutely extraordinary. And one of my favorite photographs you've done are the photographs you've taken while in Ireland. Furthermore, the fact that you've had the chance of photographing bands such as Led Zeppelin, I find completely out of this world, to have been in the presence of such great, out of this world talent, and to have photographed the magic, I truly find inspiring. I would also like to know what camera you use for your photography. I am greatly impressed the condition of your photographs, and was wondering what camera exactly you use to produce such beautiful pictures.

    Nagat A."

    November 27th, 2011

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    ..::Chris::.. Photographie@Nantes says:

    "Outstanding work! He's a Master!"

    March 14th, 2010

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    johnrobjones says:

    "What an amazing; iconic collection of photographs; in particular the images of the musicians take me back to my youth! how I envy the access you had. A wonderful collection that I expect to re-visit many times in future. Heinrich you are a very talented photographer. Literally a snapshot in time."

    August 18th, 2017

Heinrich Klaffs
February 2010
Bosau, Deutschland
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