I'm about to finally create a description(after something like 8-9 years, and finally!), but for now a copyright disclaimer about my pics.

-All pictures are copyright 2005-2015 Allan Marshall, and also any pics I might one day scan that were taken before 2005 are obviously also copyrighted by myself, from that respective year.
-I do allow my pics to be downloaded, but I intend for this to be for your personal use only(i.e. background picture on a computer), and are NOT to be used beyond personal use that isn't published online.
-If you're interested in republishing one of my pictures, I require you to get written permission from me first. Feel free to email me at amarshall0617@gmail.com(or if by some weird chance I missed your email, send me a Flickr PM), if you want to do that. I'll probably give you the okay to post it, but if you do so and I approve your request, I require to be credited as a pic from me(Allan Marshall), when you republish the pic on your own site.
-That gets to another point: Editing pics for republishing on one's website is also not allowed, without my consent. I probably will say yes if you're interested, but it depends on the request. Like above, email me at amarshall0617@gmail.com(or if by some weird chance I missed your email, send me a Flickr PM) for any requests relating to this. If I approve your request, you MUST cite that the original pic you photoshopped on your site, was one(Allan Marshall) I originally shot.
-Republication of my pics on tabloid or clickbait style websites(i.e. HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Thrillist), or for commercial purpoes, is STRICTLY prohibited and enforced. Obviously, this doesn't apply to instances where I do post on a Flickr group in the hopes of my pic chosen as one of the pics of the day, i.e. Chicagoist's group, WBEZ, etc.
-Please don't abuse pic downloading with republishing pics without my permission, since I'd rather not take that special permission I allow those who view my pics away, from allowing downloading for private personal use that is not republished online. I once considered forbidding all pic downloading of my Flickr images after my pics did show up on certain websites, but chose not to for any uses that were done before November 2011, when I didn't have an official policy on this. I've changed this policy since, and now I don't allow for my pics to be republished, without permission from myself first.

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November 2005
Chicago, IL
I am:
wannabe photographer at Cornholio Studios