Political cartoons, caricatures and illustrations created with Photoshop by DonkeyHotey.


The art of DonkeyHotey is a combination of caricature, photo collage and photo manipulation. The resulting work can be categorized as caricature, cartoon, illustration and art depending on the intent.


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My political caricatures celebrate the old saw that "“Politics is show business for ugly people." I like to think of my work as the "Picture of Dorian Gray" version of my subjects. What does that picture look like in the closet after all these years?


I am looking for a home base


It would be great to be paid by a digital venue to provide art. So far, I have been posting hi-res images under Creative Commons license at Flickr as I have been improving my skills. This has enabled publishers to find and publish my work. I view this as a way to build demand for my work and to see what editors are looking for in artwork. I feel that I am ready to begin working full time for a publisher or to get involved at a digital start-up or other project where my work would fill a need. If you are interested in working together please contact me via Flickr Mail.


Use these images according to the CC license indicated. Please provide attribution by linking to:

Name: DonkeyHotey

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You are free not to use the captions and titles I used here in Flickr.


See who has been using DonkeyHotey caricatures and cartoons to illustrate their writing by visiting my blog at donkeyhotey.wordpress.com/.

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