i shoot with my nikon d70s and when i'm in the mood i take my nikon fm10 out for a spin. I enjoy taking slides on fujichrome superia and black and whites on ilford panf 50 when i still had access to my old darkroom, i have fond memories of it. If i had more cash in my bank i'll shoot everything with film, for now i'll stick with digital.


I love my cameras to bits and they go along where ever i go.




i divide my time between sleeping and travelling and in between i'm doing my architectural degree (or at least that's how i would like it to be). But lately i don't sleep or travel enough.


The People of Yogyakarta - Cho-de River



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shhhiiiiiiiiii fuuuuuuuuuu. (as in, shi1 fu4, in case you think otherwise.)

February 9, 2008