45 Inc Birmingham is a BOOMING sales & leadership development firm headquartered in, you guessed it, Birmingham, Alabama! We represent THE most respected companies within the telecommunications industry, acting as experts in customer acquisition to help expand their brand name and market reach. With a specialty in face to face communication, our skillset is highly sought after in a world dominated by consumerism.

The 45 Inc Birmingham team is unique in the sense that we combine dozens of backgrounds, educations, past career experiences and cultures into one incredibly motivated melting pot of talent and energy. Our team is often described by our client as ambitious, forward thinking and ready to overcome any challenge.

At 45 Inc Birmingham, the growth of each individual team member is synonymous to the importance of the company's growth because, without one, there would not be the other. We promote internally because the best individuals are here in Birmingham (obviously!) and who rather than those performing and driving results.

Our Flickr account will showcase team events, nationwide leadership conferences, promotions and our bi-annual philanthropy events. We truly believe that we're changing the sales & leadership development game within Birmingham, and encourage you to visit our website at www.45incalabama.com for more information, or tweet with us @45incbirmingham!

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45 Inc Birmingham
February 2017
Birmingham, AL
Birmingham, AL, United States
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