do i have to ,really ?

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    roamin says:

    "Accept no substitutes, accept no imitators, this is the original 'COWsignal from outer space' and Guido is the master signaler in charge of COWcontent, visual and verbal. Keep your antennae tuned, this signal has plenty of bandwidth; bandwidth that will neither let you down nor give you a refund."

    October 18th, 2006

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    Tal Bright says:

    "This is one talented cow! He has some of the most stunning photos I have seen on Flickr and that unique COW sense of humour never fails to surprise :)

    I also had the pleasure of seeing the COW in action and really enjoyed watching him get inspired and pull out his camera to create another gorgeous piece :)"

    June 7th, 2006

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    muskva says:

    "This COW has out of this world sense of humor! I love it."

    May 6th, 2006

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    David Brian says:

    "Wow, Out of this world photography can be found here, rich fantastic colors, great compositions and a truly brilliant mind behind them this is a stream well worth your time and your energy int taking a look, in fact you will find it refreshing and you will be well rivied after a hard day because of this fantastic work!!! GREAT job and congrats, truly magnificent work!
    KEEP IT UP!!!"

    May 7th, 2006

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    giant stitch says:

    "there are many words to decribe Guido... but only one word can say it all !!!!

    PURE PHOTOGRAPHIC EXCELLENCE _____________________________"

    February 15th, 2006

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    JourneyToNoWhere says:

    "his name always reminds me of Oliver's guide but truely that is what his picture always potrays.His picture always seems to have a mixture of styles and I cant predict at which time he would change his mood in taking shots :-)"

    August 14th, 2005

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    CraigMarston says:

    "Guido's off-beat, "left of centre" tangential style combined with his wicked sense of humour is pure inspiration.

    Thanks Guido, you inspire me!"

    August 29th, 2005

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    ginormous weight says:

    "Oh Guido Oliver, you are one of the most gifted Photographers, I know yet - please keep going in that way and do not rest on your laurels :-))moon"

    June 24th, 2005

Guido Jackwitz
June 2005
Berlin, Germany
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Male and Single