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To collectors and/or publishers: Archival quality prints and large electronic files of my photos of Old World Europe and the beautiful rugged coast of Mendocino in Northern California are available. These include all images posted to Flickr or on my website. You are welcome to contact me here: For purchase and licensing of prints or electronic files click here:

To all visitors to my site, these images are copyright Rita Crane Photography - All Rights Reserved. Please contact me directly if you wish to purchase licensing rights, or to use them for any purpose. Thanks very kindly!

You can see my prints in art galleries in Northern California. Currently showing in several galleries in Mendocino County. Contact me for more information.

Rita Crane Photography - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

THANK YOU TO DIOGENES Verlag Publishing House for purchasing the rights to use my Venice photo "The Grand Canal" as the cover of their recent release of the German translation of Donna Leon's novel: Suffer the Little Children. The book, barely out one month, made it to #2 on Der Spiegel's Bestseller list in July '08.

The Grand Canal, Venice


[NOTE REGARDING MAKING ME A CONTACT: Having a slow internet connection, I was getting overwhelmed with my sense of responsibility towards so many contacts, so I have organized things in the following way for now: If we exchange comments regularly or for some reason I want to view your images regularly, I will designate you as a Friend. Contacts who never comment on my photos remain designated as Contacts, and I no longer will comment on your images with regularity, but I still check out your images periodically. This will leave me more time to communicate with contacts who are more responsive. It is by no means a reflection of the quality of your photos, but more a reflection of the amount of time I can give to Flickr, with my slow internet connection.]

For a helpful set of TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNIING STUDENTS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, check out Bachspic's profile page. Bachspics has made a truly generous gift to Flickr contacts by having posted this clear and useful information:

Photographing Mendocino, California



Visual artist - photographer - former designer of crystal glass sculpture - collaborator in two owner-built homes - former maker of stained glass windows for a Buddhist retreat center - current art gallery manager - graduate from UCLA in History and Art History - daughter of LIFE magazine photographer Ralph Crane (see note below in Long Version of my Profile) - lover of the forest, of rainstorms, stargazing, and singing frogs - protector of Nature - believer in the enduring strength and value of humanity's creative spirit......With gratitude to my teachers of many traditions, particularly the Tibetan Buddhist lineages ....for their ineffable loving-kindness. May their work in the world continue to help humanity's remarkable evolution towards freedom of mind.

THANK YOU to all establishments and companies listed below who have included one or more of my images in their projects:

GUIDA TOSCANA, for featuring my photos of Florence on their beautiful and informative website. My photos are featured on their banner and in their gallery:

Golden Ponte Vecchio, River Arno, Firenze

Open Road Publishing for their publication of my image "Cafe de Flore" in their travel book on Paris.

Cafe de Flore, Paris

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENT TRAVELLER for posting my Jeanne D'Arc at the Sacre Coeur image on their February 22 '08 blog for intelligent and sustainable travel:

Jeanne D'Arc at the Sacre Coeur, Paris

CRIMSON PUBLISHING (UK) for using "Place de la Bastille"
in the new edition of their book "Live & Work in France"

Henri IV, Pont Neuf, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Thanks to Peter Temple - my technical adviser - when it comes to equipment and software tutorials:

Here's the LONG VERSION (!!!) ;o)

My father RALPH CRANE was a photojournalist for LIFE magazine from the first issue until its last in of the early contributors and later a staff photographer. When freelancing out of his native Europe he sent one of his images of a Swiss Alpine climber to the publishers of LIFE magazine, and it was included in their first issue - in 1936. Here is a link to 100's of photos by Ralph Crane, taken for LIFE magazine: . Click on any photo and it will take you to thumbnails of related images of that particular photograph. You can see some of his covers here: and type in "ralph crane" at the bottom right where it says: SEARCH COVERS. HERE IS A DIRECT LINK:,26376,,00.html?c...

In addition, you can find RALPH CRANE in the recently published book Life's Great Photographers, in Edward Steichen's classic The Family of Man, and in The Cooking of Germany (one of the Time/Life picture books of the cooking traditions around the world. Ralph Crane took all the field photos). After LIFE magazine folded in 1972, Ralph Crane freelanced for Smithsonian, for the International Herald Tribune, and other publications, and was Photo Editor of Leer Jet Magazine.

You can view my Set of Photos (snapshots, postcards, and paintings) from Halberstadt, my father's home town:

Halberstadt, Germany

Because of my father's profession, I spent my childhood in northern Europe when he was working out of the Time/Life bureaus in Bonn and Paris. This left me with an abiding love for the Old World scenes I grew up around: the layers of history and human endeavor that one can see through their expression in buildings, patterns, art, and everyday objects. I like to observe and reflect on the consciousness of humanity as it has unfolded over centuries and left its mark on these objects and environments that craftspeople and artists have created over time.

Orseolo Gondola I, Venice

Gran Caffe Chioggia, Venice

Documenting Old World scenes puts me in touch with the slower more grounded pace of life that revolves around the seasons and careful hand-crafted art......a different way of life that for the most part we have all left behind in the West. Having sought out this slower pace I now live in a marvellously wild part of the world: northern coastal California, and am working on a series of images that celebrates its beauty!

Twilight and Blossoms, Mendocino County

Pelicans at Sunset, Mendocino

Full Moon over Albion Bridge, Mendocino

I have just recently returned to photography after many years having been a partner in a crystal glass sculpting business ......(the company was recently purchased by new glass artists who will continue the name and the line.) It's great to return to the visual arts and especially to photography.

With renewed enthusiasm for my early love, I jumped back into photography in 2003, with my first digital camera, an Olympus Camedia. The next step was a Fuji FinePix S7000. My images since 2005 are all taken with a Canon EOS 20 D. In August 2008 I upgraded to the Canon EOS 50D and use three of their lenses, all having image stabilization.

What I truly hope - for our world - is a Modern Renaissance, where creativity and the joy of life and respect for beauty can emerge as the major international trends over the long term. Beauty opens the heart and is one path - in terms of human consciousness - towards world peace. Flickr is like a little taste of this Modern Renaissance in itself where people who love to share their creative expression can communicate across the planet. May this creative sharing bring immeasurable benefit as it draws people from all over the world together. Bravo for the creators of Flickr for initiating this fantastic place to share and learn together!

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    ..jolli...... says:

    "This is a woman who truly understands what it means to have a 'generous heart'....She shares her magnificent images of the world on Flickr and includes extensive historical and architectual detailed text about each piece. When I recently questioned her about how she managed to get such exquisite texture and color on an image, she quickly answered my inquiry with a thorough explanation (the complete recipe) of how she did it in Photo Shop.
    This is an internationally know photographer..I was so overwhelmed that she responded to little me. Big heart, big talent and a great BIG thank you to you dear Rita for sharing your art and for guiding me through PS and Flickr."

    July 16th, 2010

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    @petra says:


    In my heart this Testimonial was written a long time ago.
    As a matter of fact, I wrote it or at least, I thought I did. I will never forgive myself for this delay.
    I am sorry, my dear friend! You deserved better!!!
    You are one of the photographers and persons I admire most on flickr. What you do here is exactly what I understand as being perfect on a website like this. It adds, it makes such a big difference, Rita.
    I enjoy my trips through your wonderful images so much and for such a long time now. It is like joining you and being with you in those special places and magical moments.
    I know them now, as if I had been there...thanks to you and your fascinating descriptions!

    So, I thank you for being special, my dear friend!
    It is worth it to be on Flickr next to people like you!

    With love,
    your brazilian friend,

    August 11th, 2009

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    juntos ( MOSTLY OFF) says:

    "Rita's photos came to my attention for a small detail .. one that only someone with "the eye" could have taken - I remember it was of Firenze ... when I went to look at her stream I am "hooked" .. she is a true great photographers that tells you the story in the most beautiful way possibly - with talent, quality .. well all. Going thru her stream is like a virtual trip around the world but "first class" ..

    I am very happy to have met her in Flickr and that also the fact that we like similar things is ever so nice. I look forward to her new photo everytime I enter Flickr and I advise you all to do the same. And Flickr is so much richer because she is in it."

    January 18th, 2009

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    ~Nancy~ says:

    "As a novice, I am honored to have people like Rita Crane acknowledge my photos. I am in awe of her beautiful and amazing photography as well as her father' s body of work.
    We live on the wonderful Mendocino Coast and I am happy to have the chance to correspond with Rita at least once a week.
    I'm so glad to have Flickr to be able to see all of this wonderful work."

    October 23rd, 2008

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    Bachspics says:

    "Rita is a consummate photographic artist. She does not post a large number of photos but pick any page and you will find a feast, full of excellent composition and fabulous color all seen, captured, and produced with great imagination and creativity. Her rule seems to be: if it doesn’t reflect her best she doesn’t put it up. Rita is particularly good with night work and during the early and late times of day, probably when time is available for her to shoot. She has an eye for interest and detail and simplicity marks much of her work. An old gate in a fence overlooking the ocean and only three colors in the scene: green, blue, and brown. A colonnade, a stairway along a street and the golden grass of an early morn are other examples of her great art of simplicity. Yet, even with such a great collection, one can also see her progression as a photographer from the earliest pictures posted to the most recent, especially in the richness of the color of her latest work. Rita is one of the treasures of Flickr–and we can only hope that life will allow her more time to produce more."

    April 28th, 2008

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    Oldvidhead says:

    "Rita’s passion for photography comes across clearly in her beautifully rendered and original renditions of the iconic views of Europe. Her masterful compositions capture the grandeur and romanticism of her subjects. Having seen her prints, I have to say that those of you on Flickr, while lucky to see so much of her wonderful work in this worldwide forum are missing the true impact of her photographs. Her prints are truly stunning. Having such a gift would be enough for most people, but Rita’s generosity is evident in the way she shares with others on Flickr. Sharing her depth of feeling as she comments on the works of others, Rita always has an encouraging word for those who cross her path to continue pursuing photography with the same level of passion. She is the most generous person I have met on Flickr. Thanks to her crossing paths on Flickr and through her numerous visits, she has become a dear friend as well. Those of you looking for something new to see on Flickr would do yourself a favor to stay a while and explore her wonderful stream."

    April 6th, 2008

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    Lena M. Photography says:

    " Rita radiates such a light in everything that she does! Always such a happy smile on her face, and always so sweet and kind, I am so honored to know this amazing woman personally. From Europe to our lovely village by the sea of Mendocino, Rita's photos are absolutely marvelous, and there is so much for me to learn from her. Rita's photography is just like she is... luminous!"

    April 4th, 2008

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    Julian E... says:

    "These words are overdue for I have to confess I have been a fan of Rita Crane for quite some time……to speak of Rita’s work as a photographer, as a person, as a lover of nature, as an artist and a Flickr friend would probably demand three days worth of continuous writing – so, I shall briefly but very proudly say that my coming across such an accomplished and dedicated woman has been an honor, to have gotten her attention a pleasure, to receive her visits a joy. For those of us who love photography but ride mostly on instinct, it is important to witness efforts like Rita’s, whose knowledge and classical training pave the way with a range that can only be admired – and in my case, followed.
    I sincerely recommend to anyone reading this humble testimonial that your tour starts right now, and whether you choose to view Rita's depictions of Paris, Venice or beautiful Mendocino, brace yourself because you are in for a treat you won’t soon forget! Thank you for your dedication my friend.

    April 2nd, 2008

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    Frizztext says:

    "Rita in Paris or Venice, Rita in the USA or Germany: I always enjoy her view of angle! Her father escaped the Third Reich and continued to work for LIFE magazine and the New York Times newspaper in the United States: I think his daughter is such a creative and mobile person too! Her photographies are music in my eyes...."

    September 22nd, 2007

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    Monique Lavoie 2014 says:

    "Rita, pour votre gentillesse, votre fidélité, votre grand talent de photographe et vos immenses connaissances que vous partagez si délicieusement, merci du fond de mon coeur. C'est apprécié sincèrement.

    June 21st, 2007

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    OceanRudy says:

    "Rita's work in one word is iconic! She is a master of the art of photography, as well as a master of words and good thoughts. Her photographic imagery is strong and unshakable artistically and technically. I just love to look at her work every day, whether it's from the enchanting Parisian life or the sprawling beaches of Mendocino County. Thanks, Rita!"

    April 20th, 2007

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    jody9 says:

    "If I had to describe Rtta Crane's art in one word, it would be "romantic". She conveys the quiet beauty and the history of every locale that she loves, whether it's ancient Europe or wild Mendocino, California. Every image creates a new world for the viewer to walk into and imagine being there themselves. Pictorially rendered with a painterly touch, her images whisper "quality" in your ear. She is a warm and giving flickr friend and I cannot wait to someday meet up with her in Mendocino!"

    April 9th, 2007

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    Jaedde & Sis says:

    "I'm not that good at English, so my testimonial for Rita will just be a quote : "Every picture tells a story.""

    December 21st, 2006

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    Neshamah Spirit Art says:

    "Rita makes me smile. Her humor, deep appreciation for life, beauty, love of rain, color, and joy of expression are contagious. Experiencing Rita's photostream and encouraging comments is to experience la joie de vivre. Looking at her photos, I feel the vibrant life and beauty that she sees and feels. Moreover, her mandala mind is amazing and large. You'll see it in her photos."

    June 14th, 2006

  • view profile

    Laurie York says:

    "Rita's extraordinary photos convey a depth and reverence that shake my soul. From her profound love of history and art, Rita's images pour through her lens as if guided by her heart and heritage. I'm so happy to welcome my dear friend, Rita, to this amazing international phenomena known as Flickr! May you find the support and appreciation here that you and your fabulous photos truly deserve!"

    May 11th, 2006

Rita Crane
May 2006
Northern California Coast, USA
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