A rock-climbing, vegetable-eating, globe-trotting, navel-gazing, fitness junkie, reluctant yuppie, corporate monkey and occasional road warrior with a laptop.




Apple with iPhoto and Aperture and the occasional dabble into Photoshop.


Canon 50D, Canon 20D, Canon G9, Fuji X100T, a bunch of iPhones, and an old film EOS Rebel (and some long lost Olympus point and shoot too). I use or have used a Sigma 28-200mm, a Canon 10-22mm, a Canon 50mm f/1.4 and a Canon 50mm f/1.8, and the occasional, old 28-300mm Tamron. I recently acquired a Canon 70-200mm IS f/2.8 L, and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L and have plans for the 16-35mm and a 35mm too.


Donations of Canon L series lenses may get you sexual favors. Or at least dinner and a movie.




If you see a picture you like and feel some overwhelming urge to use it to decorate your home, your office or your dartboard, just drop me a note. I'm not sure just what a fair price for my ego is these days, but based on the cost of printing, shipping and tickets to Bali, I've been selling signed prints at the following rates:


$25 for 5x7

$50 for 8x12

$75 for 12x18


Paypal works.


Comments and Commentators:


Ok. At first it was all fun and games and occasionally even kind of cute. But it's getting out of hand. All those comments with graphics and gifs and sparkly things, please, all of you, I beg you, PLEASE, JUST STOP.


Comments with graphics in them, although well intentioned, are generally tacky, off topic, and fill the page with unnecessary clutter. It all seems very reminiscent of dancing hamsters. No offense, but comments with graphics attached will be deleted. Nothing against you, mind you. I dig commentary, good AND bad. But dancing hamsters, that I can live without.


Finally, I hate the fact that I have to write this, but boob collectors and inappropriate commenters will be immediately blocked, reported and, potentially, fed to my dog.

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