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Joe says:

Cade creates some of thee most interesting photo stories. I have learned a lot from him about lighting and creating, and not worry about what others may think and creating from my creativity. Thank you, Joe aka quickbits33407

August 29, 2007
Gabriel says:

Cade's photos are magical and mysterious. Clever and scary. Funny and true. His work consistently makes me smile and lean in closer. What can I say, I'm a fan. (Plus, let's face it, he's rather easy on the eyes as well.)

June 20, 2006

Interesting things you have going on here, like your work v much. Thanks for kind comments. D

July 8, 2006
Lynn says:

C for Cade, C for Comments, you see? Cade is really, really good at giving positive feedback. Cade is Fabulous! also if he lived in the UK people would say: "Oh that Cade, he just prattles on and on and on......"

June 10, 2005