Award winning artist Billy Tackett hasn’t always been referred to as “The Creepiest Artist In America”. With humble beginnings in rural KY, the darkness came a-callin’ early on. His fondness for Famous Monsters of Filmland over Little Golden Books hinted at a dark future to come.


Eventually his mastery of the macabre arts drew him to the big city in search of more enthusiastic victims. With his boo-tiful wife Heather, he settled in the Greater Cincinnati area and began to put in motion his evil plan to zombify America.


After publishing over 200 book cover and illustrations he created his signature piece, Zombie Sam, giving birth to his Dead White & Blue series. Those paintings then became the inspiration for the Dead White & Blue Comics graphic novel, scheduled for release early 2009 from Abyss Walker Comics.


Billy’s ability to bring characters to life on canvas and paper caught the attention of best-selling author Shane Moore who dubbed him “Duco-Letum” (Painter of Death) and named him Official Artist of his Abyss Walker Series.


Utilizing his talents in both graphic design and traditional art, Billy has unearthed a line of graphic Ts emblazoned with the denizens of the vast and forbidding wasteland known as his Imagination.


Avoid visiting if you suffer from heart problems, weak stomach,fear of the dark or a shortness of a sense of humor.

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  • JoinedJanuary 2007
  • OccupationZombification Specialist
  • HometownOlive Hill KY
  • Current cityFlorence KY
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