Hello! im a hobby photographer from Sweden in closely middle age. I enjoy looking at all the fantastic photos here Flickr, and have a extra soft spot for cats.

Update Nov 2016
I follow a lot of people, and have a all-taste then it comes to photos. Theres a lot of fantastic artists/phographer (often the same). This takes time, and from time to time i have to remove and refollow people to have this under control.

So then i do a clean sweep i will check for faves to my photos for a decent long period of time. i understand that not everything is to peoples taste, but i believe im a decent (atleast) photographer, and sometimes a f*cking good one!

So i think its very fair to remove those i follow, who havent shown any interest at all for my pictures in this time period.

So short, if you want me to follow you and fav the photos that i like, you will do me the same favor. :-)

Update Feb 2017: Im totaly against the goverment in Sweden, they way they handle things and the choice of the people leading.Their actions show that they are far from working for the best for our Swedes, men or women. I hope and feel there need to be changes.

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October 2009
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