Increasingly angry man with aspergers syndrome.

I wasn't too thrilled with the last Labour Governments antics but this latest and effectively unelected government has taken a bad situation in regards to such as welfare and made it 100 times worse.

Through omission distortion and outright lies, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have slithered into power, discarded much, including their most significant pre-election promises. This will have a devastating effect on the majority of the population.

Too many still sit back unconcerned about such as the governments welfare reforms, believing themselves to be uneffected by this. Beyond the selfish and lazy nature of such a response, such people at least need to realise the dangers to themselves even if they care nothing for others. Who seriously can consider themselves invulnerable to unemployment and or ill health? Pretty much nobody. Unemployment is soaring and has an accumalative effect - the more businesses that fail - the more who become unemployed - can only lead to further failures and more unemployment. This should be obvious however it seems not to be to many. With benefits being reduced, restricted and abolished alltogether, many who have sat idly by and accepted the blatantly false rhetoric of the government and its media outlets such as the Daily Mail, will one day soon find themselves in difficulty and with little or no support whatsoever, financial or otherwise.

Many people who are working and struggling to pay their mortgages have kept silent in the utterly false belief that they will somehow gain either through taxation or some other means by these reforms. However, nothing can be further from the truth. If the government cancelled every benefit from tomorrow, the public would find themselves paying not one penny less in taxes.

Many will find themselves ill and unemployed at some point, and unable to support their mortgage or rent and will become homeless. What few safety nets there are, are being rapidly torn away. This is not scaremongering - it is a simple harsh reality and the consequence of selfishness, greed and apathy.

And the problems continue beyond welfare.

The National Health Service (NHS) is under great threat from cuts, a deliberate undermining to sour public support for the service, and eventual privatisation. If the latter occurs we will all be paying far more of our income on healthcare than we do at present. National Insurance will simply be restructured as a conventional tax, and on top of this you will have to find £100's even £1000s every year for healthcare, the insurances and treatments. Do you really want your health and wellbeing at the mercy of people whose only motivation is to make money, as much as possible and with no regard to the consequences to your selves or your families? Literally millions of people end up with little or no real healthcare, unable to pay for insurances and treatments. Insurers will control whether you can have a treatment and for what duration. People will be left to suffer and to die. Don't believe me? Then research what happens in countries such as the US. A woman whose husband died because their insurance company wouldn't pay the $6,000 for an operation which would have saved his life, and they couldn't afford to pay it themselves. People living for months or longer with treatable health conditions that we could have dealt with within days or weeks by an NHS doctor or hospital. Diseases and illnesses that we are now barely familiar with in the UK, which are still commonplace in the United States because of the overall state of public health as a direct result of the limiting private healthcare wealth orientated system. Sick and disabled people on the streets - made unemployed and then homeless through health conditions for which there is no support. Even regarding less devastating situations - the New York Times reported recently that students at a major Catholic University were going without contraceptives as the University's student health service which should provide them by state law had found a loophole and were refusing to do so. The only alternative for these students is to see a doctor but many cannot afford to!

Do you really want such a situation in this country?

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