I live and work in Fraserburgh, a busy fishing town on the wild NE coast of Scotland.
My photography is a serious hobby but not all of my photos are serious. I take holiday snaps, land and seascapes, birds, wildlife and anything else that takes my eye. Unlike many on Flickr I don't post all the crap, just the ones I think you might be interested in looking at. Who wants to see every photo taken at a drunken party! Some are good some are bad. Let your eye be your judge. Enjoy.
I may not be able to update this site as often as I want now as it seems that I have contracted kidney cancer, so it's a busy time going too and from hospital for chemo therapy.; sorry for the inconvenience folks.
Latest news, chemo has now ceased and am now on the new drug sunitinib or sutent. It won't cure the cancer but it will keep me going for several more years hopefully!
Oh! Did I say? I'm now retired and having a ball, woohoo!

Keith 'Broch'. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Having just reached my 50th birthday, I decided to buy myself a new lens so I now have a 50 - 500 Sigma which I used first in NYC. Luckily, my girlfriend and family then bought me a new camera, so I now I am using a Pentax K10D.
And the latest news on the camera front is that I now have a canon eos 1d mk4 with a 14mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and a lovely 500mm tele lens. Well, you can't take the money to your grave so I might as well spend it now LOL.

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T. Keith Bruce
January 2006
Fraserburgh, Scotland
I am:
Male and Taken
College Senior Lecturer