Just love dressing as Ashley...I appreciate complimentary, playful and fun comments. Thank you!!

I created this page sometime in 2009. I was so afraid at the time that it sat dormant until July 2015. Then on July 21, 2015, I started to post my pictures! The positive and friendly response was immediate. I was overwhelmed.

Here we are on February 26, 2017 and another milestone has been achieved. Today as I was getting out of bed, My stats say 20 million views! Wow, I would have never thought that was possible. Thank You all from the bottom of My Heart for being My friends! I Love You, All.

Today (7/23/17) marks my two year Anniversary since I first posted my first photo on these pages! All I can say is Thank You, I dearly love everyone's support! Today, I also rolled over the 26 million view mark. Thinking back two short years ago, I was flabbergasted at getting a thousand views in one week! To all my Friends and Friends to be, Kisses!!

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    Ms. Jacqui says:

    "My dear friend Ashley is one of the sexiest and classiest ladies here! And those legs!! OO-LA-LA!! She sets a very high bar for the rest of us girls!"

    November 16th, 2018

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    hotcujo says:

    "I am madly in love with her and the whole world should know it. I adore her and she is the classiest woman on all of Flickr"

    August 26th, 2018

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    ruddy theory says:

    "Ashley leaves some of the sweetest comments that are so encouraging. She is classy form her pictures to her personality, She does have one of the cutest smiles and sexiest legs on Flickr.
    Hugs, Danielle"

    July 27th, 2018

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    joshua_dedios says:

    "WOWโ€ฆ.Breathtakingly beautiful. To fall in love. I love this kind of role play. Every day something different."

    June 24th, 2018

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    .starriapatricia says:

    "Hello Ashley I'm glad to be part of Flickr and to post many comments on the wonderful Tgirl ladies. I really adore you sweetheart as a Sister Tgirl and friend. I love all your lovely elegant photos and I never get tired of looking at you or commenting and always i have only nice things to say about your pretty pictures."

    March 10th, 2018

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    Gurlchazer says:

    "Keep It Simple Silly (K.I.S.S.) was the acronym in radio. That being said the most simple thing that I can say about Ashley is WOW!"

    November 20th, 2017

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    Regina Newlands says:

    "Hi Ashley Ann, I loved looking at all of your pictures . You have such a vast and lovely wardrobe and also You have fantastic legs.
    Love, hugs and kisses. Regina N ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹"

    November 6th, 2017

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    Mandy Lace says:

    "You are an inspiration Ashley Ann..."

    September 2nd, 2017

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    Ronda c/d nylon lingerie lover says:

    "I'm so glad I found you, you are such a beautiful person with a emence collection of beautiful clothes. I love looking through your photostream on Flickr."

    August 19th, 2017

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    jotv1970 says:

    "A gorgeous classy lady ,with a wonderful heart ,love her xxxxxx"

    July 24th, 2017

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    GinnySmith51 says:

    "I love Ashley. She is beautiful both inside and outside. Ashley is a mysterious woman who seems only dress in her cute little nest above the parking lot and never comes out! She is sweet, passable, dresses in style, but seems so shy and conservative. Her comments to me are always classy and well thought out. Always a beautiful and wonderful woman. I would love to see her in person."

    April 18th, 2016

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    phil92320 says:

    "She is beautiful and sexy. She will make any man happy"

    June 26th, 2017

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