When I was born I had little to no knowledge of photography and photoshopping. That changed in a freak nuclear sports accident involving a toaster, an alpaca, three siberian nuns and a bottle opener.

A Self Portrait

Although it may look otherwise judging from my photo and, well, this profile, I consider myself a sane, heterosexual male.

You can also find videos I did on Vimeo under www.vimeo.com/sniedlich

I'm very sorry if I don't comment as much as you or I would like to but I rather spend my time creating stuff. And my time is pretty short too. I do my best to keep up with the pictures of my growing list of contacts but even that is hard.

I don't want your awards. I don't want your comments or faves because you need to give one according to some group. I don't need hires shots you took posted in a comment. I appreciate your time and thought but you won't see me return the "favor" if I'm urged to do so anyway. It's not selfishness, I simply don't have the time to keep track of groups where you have to comment/fav/award a certain amount of pictures- (Aside from that I don't like these groups. I don't want to fave pictures just because I have to. I want to do it because they're good.)
But of course I want your comments, your faves, your compliments, your tears of joy or hugs if you really feel like it. I'd rather have less comments and faves than others but real ones. And I will return that favor if I really feel like it.

Rich folks who want to throw money at me or people that just want to have contact can write me to grabthar75@gmx.de.

My most interesting photoshop at the moment:
Platoon Yell!

My most interesting photograph at the moment:
Unter den Linden In Blue

My most viewed pic at the moment:

My most favorited pic at the moment:
Male Harpy

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    giddy_lyn says:

    "Sebastian's photo's -- are a work of art!! When I feel down or just in a state -- I know I can click on him and just laugh my rear off. He has a true talent for the funny!!! I am so glad that there is a gent like him out here giving us laughter and art all jumbled in one!! Keep up the entertainment and never let your humor vanish!! You are so loved here!!"

    September 14th, 2006

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    SteelePop.. says:

    "Grabthar has an unending imagination that not only produces an seemingly unending stream of wonderful images, but inspires me to do better work. There is a humor and playfulness in the work that is contagious.

    Thank you for doing what you do!"

    September 30th, 2006

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    leannelimwalker says:

    "such creative work!"

    November 24th, 2006

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    luxuryluke says:

    "An incredible PhotoChopper, Sebastian has a keen eye for shape, lighting, altering objects with realism, and a great sense of humor.
    He rocks!"

    December 31st, 2006

Sebastian Niedlich
October 2005
Potsdam, Germany
I am:
Male and Taken