Born and raised in Liverpool (mostly in Wallasey), England and now living in Wellington, New Zealand.

I have taken photographs since I was 5, almost always as a sort of diary rather than an artistic endeavour. Putting them on flickr was an attempt at a memoir, aimed primarily at my family. I have become enthusiastic about the other aspects of Flickr, but I feel I'm rather a charlatan in the company of everyone else.

The significance of a life-recording photostream has become sharp in my mind since the death of Felicity.

Here is a poem I wrote about that.


Sometimes we would stop at this one -
there is something special about it.

Sun sparkled wine in a
dappled courtyard;
Le Pont Valentre beyond
Eyes laughing into one another.

"Do you remember...?" we would say.

Do you remember the cheerful waitress
who took it?

The Honeysuckle?
The gentle river's flow?

Do you remember the old man on the bridge?
Do you remember dinner that evening?

The harmony of that day, those times?

Now she is dead the remembering remains in me, but

'Do you remember?' is forever gone.

Do You Remember?

do you remember

do you

When I die all remembering will vanish
all that intricate richness, that interplay of

sensations, experiences, that shared delight.

The photograph will remain

a dessicated fragment.

And it may be that in some distant time

out of curiosity

someone will stop at this one and ask

'They look so happy. I wonder why?'

Try this link to see a random selection from my photostream, courtesy of GustavoG.


For a really great collection of Vanuatu pics - including remote corners that tourists rarely see - go to my son's family site at

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    roomman says:

    "A fantastic bunch of photos from so many different topics. And almost all cover a very special issue. Be it aviation or nature. From the 60s until now. It's a really big "treasure chest" where you can check and check again and you always find something new.

    For example, my favourites are the old England shots from the 1960s. Much changed and the pictures cover this period really well.

    Well done!"

    November 22nd, 2005

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    Jeff Clow says:

    "Phillip's work here at Flickr is amazing....I often find myself gaping at the screen when viewing his latest contribution and am constantly amazed by his photo artistry. He "sees" things with his lens that others looking at the same image would not see....and he turns those visions in spectacular photos.

    And then, on top of that, he's one classy guy who takes an extraordinary amount of time to comment on other's work here at this worldwide community.

    We're lucky to have Phillip here at Flickr...his presence makes it a better place for all of us...."

    July 23rd, 2005

Phillip Capper
January 2005
Wellington, New Zealand
I am:
Male and Single
Social scientist