"The mediator between head and hands must be the heart"

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    ~ fernando says:

    "Although photography is about capturing light, sometimes it is about capturing imagination. Of course, there is the idea that it should be most times, but sadly, not the case, because if it was easy, we would see more of it. One place to come and see it is through the photos that «elevenhearts» presents to us.

    It is possible to think that imagination needs a lot of explanation or context, or even have some fancy concept behind it. The hard work is for a photographer to make the concept and context seem familiar, and the explanation then becomes unnecessary. When I look through these photos, it is as if I entered a new world of imagination, made simple for me to understand with black and white tones, and nice use of blur, but then I feel like it is all very familiar. An excellent and most enjoyable contradiction.

    The photos take on a mystical patina, but then they are at the same time transparent to very familiar emotions. Ah, emotions; I think that is the key to making the sophisticated photography come alive, and yet so hard to convey its subtleness. However, «elevenhearts» has figured it out in a nice way... and to make it clear in many different styles of presentation is something that leaves me in awe.

    One way to measure success is to make a style that is your own, and recognizable. That is the case here, but also be ready for a surprise turn every now and then, and still, now knowing it, claim it as wonderful, then realize that it is yet another manifestation of a vivid, and clear, imagination."

    October 15th, 2007

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    ryan schude says:


    January 31st, 2007

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