So...I'm Morgan.


Hello! & Hola!

Sometimes I Can't Find The Words. by nomadfeet++


I´m pretty damn green on the photography front.


I want to learn more...


I like "slice of life" photos.


I use a:

-Finepix Fuiji F47fd

-Sony DSLR-A100 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6

-Bugs Bunny Ironingboard because i lack a tripod. Simple as that.


The Begger In Rome by nomadfeet++


I do have the slight tendency of adding people as contacts even if i only like a few of their photos but thats because people evolve and get better, so i figure even if i only like the minority of the things you do now i´m bond to like the majority of it later.


Gondola Parking by nomadfeet++

Up And Away by nomadfeet++

Strolling by nomadfeet++


Gee! A PRO ACCOUNT would be nice! *hint,hint*

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