Hello, I'm George. Not much to say about myself other than to say this is how I spend half of my spare time. I am a transit enthusiast. Having ridden on buses most of my life, it's only natural that I got into it eventually. I record and photograph transit around Los Angeles and sometimes in neighboring Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties. That's it pretty much ^_^


Just a clarification about my photo licenses because people keep asking me...

(Updated September 2011):


All of my shots uploaded during and after May 2011 (regardless of date taken), and certain photos uploaded before this (see below), are under a Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike license, and are reusable under the terms of the license.


Most shots uploaded before this are still under full copyright, and my permission is required for reuse. You have my permission to use said shots if you are making a slideshow using my images, reposting it on a blog/website I'm not a part of, etc.; as long as you leave the credits and image intact.


I am currently in the process of fixing up older shots, removing certain shots, and updating the licenses to the Creative Commons license mentioned above. If photos still have my old "Photo by: lucian400 ©2010/2011" credit, or if the credit remains with a copyright symbol at the center of the credit, then those photos remain under full copyright.

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