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1. Cold Nose..., 2. a postc@rd from p@r@dise, 3. May Your Days Be Merry and Bright, 4. When Water Drops Collide, 5. It's a Small World, 6. Variety ~, 7. A Love Poem Written in Marble, 8. Silver & Gold,

9. Pampered Pooches, 10. Disturbance, 11. Fowl Shot, 12. Goldfish Overload, 13. ifc, 14. Mama!, 15. You Know... I Heard You Coming, 16. Firefighters Memorial,

17. "Eerie" Ice, 18. Copa, 19. Gurnard on the Wing, 20. Coral Sol - Arraial do Cabo, 21. Sea Star at Arraial do Cabo, 22. Arms Across the Water, 23. How 'bout a Hug?, 24. Gulls on the Moorings,

25. Colorful Hong Kong Island, 26. Regal Queen, 27. Something Fishy..., 28. Big Beach at Makena, 29. Gulls - Ship Island, Mississippi, 30. "Lazy Fish", 31. Joshua Tree, 32. Brain Coral,

33. Stoplight Parrotfish, 34. Holyrood Abbey, 35. No Thanks, I Had Soft Coral for Lunch!, 36. Spotted Trunkfish Peek-a-boo, 37. Lake Erie Gulls and Freighter, 38. Cuyahoga River Flats, 39. Flamingo Tongue Snail in Profile, 40. Sargassum Triggerfish,

41. Grand Specter, 42. Party Balloon, 43. Pretty in Pink

I am an amateur photographer with a varied taste in photographic subjects. My primary foucs had been marine life, but I have broadened my interests over the years to include many subjects, both serious and sublime.

Please enjoy my photos and feel free to use them for your business or pleasure. I only ask that the photos be credited to me when they are publicly displayed.

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

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  • When Water Drops Collide by laszlo-photo

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    *junket* says:

    "Not afraid to get his feet wet.
    Not afraid of rogue facial hair.
    Not afaid of those little crab thingies with the little pincers that can take off a nipple if the conditions were right and you happen to be diving without a wetsuit and got that little bit too close...... Phew!!
    His underwater styling makes me also want to swim into the abyss!
    A great view into the unknown.

    If we were to stage a heist Laz would be in charge of aquatic operations! (ok, we need someone to get in through the sewers...)"

    July 16th, 2006

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    aolima says:

    "Laszlo Ilyesl is a great submarine photographer, I appreciate its photos a lot !!!

    Laszlo Ilyesl é um grande fotógrafo submarino, eu aprecio muito as sua fotos !!!"

    May 14th, 2006

January 2006
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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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