macfred64, aka Rupert Hedgehog, aka Igel Rupert, aka Andreas

I am an elderly, reclusive man.

I photograph -almost exclusively- on film and I don't have any professional aspirations - photography is one way to express myself.


For the moment I use the following 'analogue' cameras :

135 - Nikon F2 Photomic - Konika III Rangefinder (1956) - Olympus XA

120 - FUJI GA645 (EBC Fujinon 60mm f / 4) - FUJI GA645Wi (EBC Fujinon 45mm f / 4) -

FUJI GW670iii (EBC Fujinon 90mm f / 3.5) -

Bronica ETRSi (Zenzanon PE 75mm; Zenzanon MC 105mm) -

Zeiss Super Ikonta III 531/16 (Novar 75mm f / 3.5) -

Rolleiflex 3.5F / Planar

My 'main' camera is the Rolleiflex - reliable, lightweight, best lens I ever used


Blackandwhite film I usually develope at home - color (negative and slide film) goes to the laboratory - scanning with Epson V600.


Next to photography I really love music and literature.


Favorite musicians:

Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Robert Wyatt, Vashti Bunyan, Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Billy Cowie, Townes van Zandt, Gabor Szabo, Franz Schubert, Avo Paert, The Soft Machine, Matching Mole, Henry Cow, Caravan, L.Cohen, The Unthanks, Captain Beefheart, Zappa & Mothers, Moondog, Bert Jansch , Fred Neil, Can, Jimi Hendrix,

Syd Barrett (and the 'old' Pink Floyd), David Allen & Gong, (early) Bob Dylan, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Pitou, Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star / Hope Sandoval ...

(preferably on vinyl).


Favorite movies:

Das siebte Siegel, Heimat, Vorstadtkrokodile, Koyaanis Kazi, Rambo I, The Waltons, Neues aus Uhlenbusch, Down by law, Nostalghia,

M.A.S.H., Wuthering Heights (1939), Kill Bill (Vol. I), La Strada, Les enfants du paradis (1945), pretty much everything by Truffaut...


Favorite books and writers:

J. Kerouac (just about everything - especially 'The Dharma Bums' and 'The town and the city'), Patrick Leigh Femor (everything, but especially 'The time of gifts' and 'Between Woods and Water') as well as books by : Tim Moore, Collum McCann, Cormac McCarthy, James Salter, H.D. Thoreau, Klaus Mann, R.W. Emmerson,

Walt Whitman, Anni Proulx, Walter Kempowski, Maarten t'Hart, Per Petterson, Bruce Chatwin, Karl May, Hermann Lons, W.S. Burroughs, J. Irving, J. London, F. Cooper,

Lord Byron, H. Melville, Fred Vargas, A.M. De Jong; Edward Abbey, Roger Deakin, Rolf Lappert, Gebrüder Grimm ...


Thank you for your interest !

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