I'm into all kinds of photography, however, I suppose I have been specializing in 3D photography. This is what originally brought me to Flickr.

Since then, like a cancer, Flickr has grown on me and I have been greatly inspired by all that I have seen- professional, and interestingly, the very amateur- those shots taken even with simple cellphones. To that end, I have been inspired to start a Picture-a-Day project I call Picture365 (link below), in which I take a picture every day and post it on that website. I put the better ones in Flickr. I'm still not as good as so much of what I see, but I'm working on it. And, I really was a pretty good photographer, at least of nature and buildings. Flickr has inspired me to learn to see the world completely differently, and that is still a lesson in progress. I may have to extend my Picture365 over several years to get the full benefit.

You will see for some time the subject matter of my photostream jumping around. I have 20 years of photos (over 30,000) on my hard drive (at least the best ones from the film days), and mix that in with a constant stream of photos I take every day, and you have an eclectic mix. However, though the stream is mixed up, I have them well orgainzed in sets, and all photos of buildings or landscapes are geotagged, so you can find, in most cases, precisely where the photo was taken. I have also as accurately as possible recorded the dates for the scanned images. All shots have multiple tags, too, to sort based on content. There may be a gap here or there, but I try to maintain a high-quality photostream.

Finally, I believe that you get out of Flickr what you put into it.

The equipment I use is:

Here is a list of photography-oriented websites that I run:

www.3dphoto.net (3D Photography)
www.picture365.net (A Picture a Day)
www.sirsnapalot.net (Photo advice blog)
www.fivestarphoto.net (My best photos for sale- site in alpha mode)
www.3dphoto.net/forum (3D Photography Forum)

Here's a cool idea I've been waiting for- an easy way to color a map to show where you've been. Click on the link below the map to create one for yourself.

create your own visited countries map

Free Profile Maps from ModMyProfile.com

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    kevin dooley says:

    "Jeffrey is a great experimenter, there's always a surprise waiting for you in his photo stream!"

    April 25th, 2010

Jeffrey Cooper
August 2006
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