Born in Elgin, Morayshire in Scotland in 1973

Raised on the East coast of England

John Moores University, Liverpool for 4 years studying Human Geography & Politics

After a spell of 10 years working in London, Paris, Sydney & Perth, I now reside on the South coast of England near Brighton.

An avid scuba diver, cyclist and outdoors person really.



I love photography...

I bought my first camera when I was 12 - a Nikon FE and this would lead me to years of photographing everything...


Before entering further education, I studied photography in collage for a year, developing and processing my own black and white images - skills I really

wished I used today, if it weren't for Photoshop and the digital revolution - maybe one day I might treat myself to a dark room!!! For the course I used a Nikon F501.


I unfortunately lost my way on the photographic path for the following few years and apart from a few disposable film cameras for holidays, I didn't own

a camera again till 6 years ago, when I treated myself to a Canon EOS3 and a battered EOS1v. This is where my photography has taken off really. I spent

the next 3 years relearning my skills and learning how to use pro SLRs again, working on my portfolio and having fun with a camera.


I recently sold them both to go over to Digital and to Nikon again. I bought a Nikon FE for my film work. But in saying that... I actually bought an Olympus CW8080 Prosumer Digital compact, primarily for travelling. I wanted something high end but not too cumbersome.


I am back from my travels and have just invested in a Nikon D70s and maybe soon a medium format kit too.


I use a new Intel Core Duo iMac 20" and Photoshop CS2 for my manipulation, retouching/grading and colour correction of my images, and Apple's Aperture for media management.


I am currently working between design roles, and part time as a photographic assistant.


My main themes tend to be a mixture of:





artography and




I am a photographer... simple as that... I intend to take the next steps to making a living from it.

Ideal world scenario - National Geographic/Magnum

Reality - as near as possible, and having shit loads of fun along the way!

I'd like to use my vision and my skills to make a difference... obvious and pretentious maybe, but it's how I feel.


==Kit Bag==

Nikon D300s + D70s

Nikon 28-110mm f4-5.6

Nikon 80-300mm f5-6.

Olympus CW8080

Nikon FE

Nikkor 35mm f1.4

Crumpler Kit Bag

iPod Photo and transfer attachment

2 x Lexar 1GB 40x Compact Flash memory cards

Apple Intel Core Duo iMac 20"


=My 'Wants' list==

Fast telephoto lens with IS.

Nice but not expensive macro lens

Nice wide angle zoom

Prime wide lens




Please also check out my Artography @


==Legal Stuff==

© All images and design work by Liam Kelly © 2000-2006 (all rights reserved).

If you are interested in using any of my work in any form of publication, please contact me.

Enlargement prints are available for purchase. Please email for pricing information.

I do have legal representation with regards to my work - my lawyer is a tough one... so be warned


==Please bear in mind that I was travelling and working abroad till the beginning of April 2006 and the majority of these photos are not edited, cropped

or colour corrected as yet...When I get more settled, I'm sure I will spend a few weeks weeding out the wheat from the chaff and lining up horizons,

sorting colour balance etc etc and resubmitting them back to Flickr==

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  • JoinedOctober 2004
  • OccupationPhotographer/Digital Imager
  • HometownUckfield
  • Current cityUckfield
  • CountryUK


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Your interpretations of Perth in photography made me assume you were local, you knew the places that locals would - going to miss your westralian work; a great stream is found here.

July 2, 2006

Turningtide Photography has one amazing photostream full of gorgeous scenery and the little things in life we often pass without noticing. I feel lucky having stumbled upon his photos in the labyrinth of Flickr.

August 24, 2005