Dear Photography,

You have changed me from the person I used to be.

Thank you,



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    Donna Irene. says:

    "You are such a unique photographer. I get excited for you to post new photos. You have this unique feel to your work; I can absolutely tell your shots apart from everyone else. You are very talented, and have definitely shown who you are and made yourself special. Keep it up!! :)"

    April 2nd, 2011

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    cheinera says:

    "Your photostream is so incredible, each photo is so well executed and full of emotion! I love the editing and tones of each one, and your locations are always amazing :)
    Keep taking great photos!!"

    February 4th, 2011

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    SepiaTonedGypsy says:

    "Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I think your photography is the most wonderful thing. You are one of my top three favorite photographers, and that's for real. All of your ideas are like "whoa". You have a very creative mind and you know how to get your idea across very well with your pictures. That's what a lot of people can't do, you know? Anybody can have a grand idea for a photograph and then not be able to execute it. You can though; which is super terrific. now that I have wrote you a whole novel I will wrap it up. ha. I'm looking forward to seeing your threesixtyfive project evolve over the next year!"

    January 1st, 2011

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    charmfully says:

    "i've only added you as a contact for what? a day?

    dude. you are amazing.
    every single photograph is freaking superior to this very earth.

    all your concepts are executed so perfectly.

    you never ever ever fail to amaze me- i love your work so much.

    you are such an inspiration-
    i love your stream. (:

    - Jessica :D!"

    December 12th, 2010

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    simplychelsetta says:

    "alana's photography consists of brilliant concepts executed flawlessly time after time!!"

    April 2nd, 2010

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April 2009
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