“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” -Ansel Adams


I'm just an old redneck, trying to learn something new with this D3200. My first camera was a Polaroid Swinger back in the late 60's. In high school I bought a Kodak X35 which was really a 126 but it was such a neat little camera. And like the Polaroid within financial reach for me. Got my first SLR during my stint with the Army, a Canon TX which disappeared somewhere along the passage of years and I still don't forgive myself for losing track of. Since then I've gone through a series of little cheap 110's as I liked them on canoe trips if I capsized there would be a big loss moneywise. Came across another color Polaroid but I don't recall much of the model. Finally moved back into the 35mm pic taking mindset with a Pentax K1000 but I've been more recently using a Fuiji 440 Point N Click, which btw, I really enjoy using. But there were limitations to the Fuiji , so I moved to a D40. Enjoyed the heck out of it for about five years. Upgraded to a D3200 this year. Still use the D40 , it feels like a step backwards when I pick it up.


I enjoy reading and learning about the Civil War and American Revolutionary sites here in N.C. About anything historical is interesting to me.


I'm a Christian but I'm not a proselytizer. I've come to the opinion it's hard enough for those of us who the Lord is working with, to deal with things without trying to brainwash someone else who has no interest in Christianity and the Lord Himself isn't involved with the process.


I'd really like to be familiar with D3200 enough by the time some of the summer meteor shower nights come around so I can get set up for some good dark sky shots and catch those shooting stars.

I love to ride my 2006 Sporty and I try to always take a camera and kinda keep some shots of each roadtrip to share with others that might like to have gone or may plan on retracing the same route themselves later on. Most of my "roadtrips" are less 150 miles in any direction from home. So much to see almost in our own backyards without having to drive all day to see something new. I like to see what's around me in everyday life and seize that image.


For me, Central N.C. is almost perfect. Not too far to the East is the coast , about equal in distance to the West is our Blue Ridge Parkway and mountains. We have a good change of seasons here with stunning falls colors. It's just a great place to live.


I highly recommend the following program for those who have a need to know when and where the sunrise/sets and moon rise/sets will be on a given date. photoephemeris.com/

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