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I am 86 years young and trying to learn something new every day..These last few years on Flickr have been a very good learning experience...

I have met some of the nicest people in the world and they have been so helpful in my quest for knowledge... Leaving the camera Info off doesn't help me learn anything so please leave it unblocked.. Thanks..

Three years in the Air Force and 34 years in civilian work. I retired in 1982 from Pacific Northwest Bell as an outside Plant Engineer. LOVE RETIREMENT!!!!

Help and Suggestions are always welcome :-D

Those who visit my stream and Fave and do not leave a comment or have nothing for me to see take NOTE!!! You will be blocked......

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What's In The Bag:

Canon 6D
Canon T2i
Canon T6i
PowerShot SD850 IS
PowerShot G9
PowerShot G10 IR
PowerShot SX 60 HS
Fujifilm T550
Nikon Coolpix P900
CanonFS200 41x Digital Video Camcorder

28 -135mm IS Lens
70 -300mm IS Zoom Lens
50-500mm 1:4 - 6:3 apo DG HMS Sigma
100mm2.8L Macro Lens
180mm 3.5 Di LD IF 1:1 Macro Lens Tamron
28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Tamron
16-35mmL 2:8
24-105mmL F4 IS Zoom
2X Telephoto Extender
Sundry Filters

Photoshop CC2017
Photoshop CC2015.5
Photoshop CS6
Photoshop Elements 15
Lightroom 5
Paint Shop ProX9
Ultra Fractal
ULead Photo Express 4.0
Dynamic-Photo HDR
Photomatix Pro
FXhome PhotoKey
Black Magic
Artizen HDR
Filter Forge
Redfield Filters
Plug-in Galaxy Filters
Flaming Pear Filters Most Of Them
Topaz Filters All Of Them
Nik - All Of Them
Imagenomic Noise Reducing Plug-in
OnOne Software
Wild Photo Effects

Anything and everything is possible.
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    jdp43 says:

    "Kacey you do really great photography and I like that you still like to learn. Too many people close their minds and refuse to learn and it worries them when things change which most things constantly change. Being open to learning helps keep life fresh."

    August 24th, 2015

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    Spherical Me says:

    "Cindy.....what can I say? I'm so proud to have you as a Flickr friend, you have delighted me over and over again with your work, your helpfulness, and your bright way of looking at the world. You have a unique way of seeing the beauty around you, and it shows in your stream. You are so young at heart, and I am so happy that I've come to know you! Hugs, big ones....from Holly (Spherical Me)"

    December 10th, 2009

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    christabel's artworks says:

    "Cindy's photostream is full of beauty, sensitivity and love of life and nature. She has a unique talent for both photography and artistic expression. Her floral compositions are breathtaking, capturing and communicating myriad emotions through color, content and presentation. Her eye for design is first class and, coupled with her eagerness to experiment with digital software, result in images of outstanding quality and creations which are full of imagination, innovation and fun.
    Cindy willingly shares advice and information on her techniques as she explores new avenues of visual art, and inspires with her helpful tips and comments. Her photostream is pure delight! :-)"

    March 25th, 2008

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    Luv 2 Flickr says:

    "If you're looking for a good photographer with a sense of humour, kindness and creativity...KaCey fits the bill! She is also a great Flickr friend and a very nice lady!"

    November 2nd, 2006

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    spw422 says:

    "Cindy is one of my Flickr friends. She is a very good photographer.
    I am fairly new to Flickr and it is people like her that make it so much fun... I appreciate her visits and kind remarks! God Bless"

    October 30th, 2006

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    Tumbleweed Photography~Carol~ says:

    "I have just met Cindy here on Flickr. I now have the most wonderful friend anyone would love to have. I feel as though I have known her for years and I hope to always have her as a the dear friend that she is.
    Cindy, goes out of her way to help you in anyway she can. She sure has helped me. I get her emails every morning and I look forward to them, she brighten's up my day... Hugs to you dear friend.....and keep sending your interesting photos."

    September 21st, 2006

July 2006
Corpus Christi, TX
I am:
Female and Single