Seeing the world through new eyes.


I was a Submariner for 22 years,never really having time for a hobby or even much sports, My image of the world was blinkered.

Now I am free of the confines of my metal can and the depths of the worlds seas and oceans and only now I feel I am enjoying the freedom of nature.

My work now allows me to enjoy every night off and every weekend to do what I want to do. I suppose these are things that most people take for granted.

The world is an incredible place and the things I have never seen are endless.

Joining Flckr is giving me a whole new world to explore things and places I have never experienced.

I have now been on Flickr for over four years, I hope I have improved, I think I have, photography has now become a much bigger part of my life than I ever thought it would.

It has become obvious to me that the world is such a wonderful place and nature such an endless supply of joy and entertainment, I had lead a blinkered life in the Royal Navy, opportunities for photography were probably available

but I never went down that path, fool!

That is now in the past, I want to look at every photograph and read every comment but it has become evident to me that there are is to much to view and comment on. it is impossible even if at first you want to try, a bit like taking to much cake and not being able to eat it all.

It is evident to me that some people add you as a contact but really are not interested in what you have to offer and are really only after accolades themselves.

Therefore I will have my favourites and enjoy looking at their work, I will make contacts, some I will no doubt enjoy more than others.

I will make friends as these are really quite special and should be cherished, but through all this I must have time for my family who are fully behind my new hobby and whom I will share the best photos and comments.

On flickr reciprocation is important and if contacts just want flashing Icons I fear am not the person to offer this service. Comment I do believe is not obligatory but if genuinely it is felt that a comment, favour or an invite to a group is warranted then I am all for it after all Flickr is all about sharing.

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