surrounded by fake smiles and and lies....

the shinning things that seems to blind you....
the limelight...the screams....can you hear them calling out your name..?
isn't it just so intoxicating?

your perfect smile,, your mesmerizing laugh captivates millions....
but behind it all... is sadness and tears....

there you stay locked up inside....
knowing that solitude is the only company you'll ever keep...

your wall's are closing in on you.....

but still you wait for someone who could save and remind you of your


if only things were different..
then we could be together....

-for mien Liebe

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    ●•Blame Game●• says:

    "Jena. One of mein best friends on here. she is like a sister i always wanted. she is a very amazing person and im glad to have her n mein life. i admire her so much as a person. as a good person. (her personailty is beauiful how can u not love that). She is one of mein tokio hotel Divas. Jena is a great person in-out.

    shes mein jena bear. lol."

    January 4th, 2010

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    Emily Correia says:

    "Jena is such a wonderful friend of mine! She's amazing at Photoshop and is always creating wonderful manips! Jena frequently leaves thoughtful and funny comments on photos, and is so sweet to her contacts. Also, she appreciates good music! ;D She is a great friend to have on Flickr."

    January 10th, 2010

Jena Rain Kaulitz
March 2009
Ontario, Canada
I am:
Female and Single
Student,, Vox (Vocalist), Henna Tattoo Artist